serves to establish a series of guidelines when carrying out and devising operations.

Therefore, among experts in the field, it can be said that the role of the model is to act as a roadmap. And this when it comes to deploying means to develop a specific business activity. However, the specificities of the new B2B2S model are many and varied. Among them, the following functions or utilities stand out. Take note: Its main objective is to address the whole of society. Therefore, the target audience of companies that are committed to this model is expanding to incalculable dimensions . And many times very difficult to measure. But what does this have to do with utility or functions? Well, very simple. When a company directs its marketing campaigns to the total calculation of the world population; not only seeks an impact on actual or potential consumers; It also contributes to the reputation of the company. And this in the proportions in which the message has not penetrated enough to end in sales. In summary and in a simpler way: B2B2S is not just for selling. But it also serves to improve the reputation of companies; since it mixes advertising messages with messages that convey confidence and motivate collaboration. 2.-  mobile phone number directory australia  Get more motivating campaigns In addition, when the messages of a company are directed to such a large sector; they tend to have to do with implication and the request for it. In projects that also affects society as such.


Therefore, making messages following these types of guidelines always usually results in a much more motivating campaign . Australia Phone Number List   And that better meets the initial objectives for consumers. 3.- Be more empathetic It is also true that when the human factor enters the equation, the margin of uncertainty in marketing campaigns is considerably reduced. This happens because when you start to think about sending messages to different audiences, it is much more likely to penetrate it when market studies have been carried out from a personal, emotional and empathic point of view. This utility is what can be perfectly identified with the value of empathy. It seems obvious and ideal that the messages will always penetrate deeper if you emit them having previously done the exercise of putting yourself in the place of the person who is going to receive them. Knowing what the B2B2S is and its benefits, you also have three compelling reasons to bet on this model. Or at least for the newer perception of it. And these reasons are: It brings a better reputation on a global scale . All this because it generates trust. Even on the recipients that are not the target of your marketing campaign. It is more effective . Because it is proven that referring to people helps considerably to provoke actions in response.

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