September 2019 Core Update: What you should know about the new update to Google’s algorithm

Google calls it a “comprehensive algorithm update” (September 2019 Core Update ) and a few times a year it goes through search results leaving changes in its path. The September 2019 updates are now visible on search engine results pages.But before continuing, what is a Google Core update?While free phone number database makes small adjustments to the ranking algorithm almost every day that cause movement in search results, the so-called “Broad-Core Algorithm Update” is a major change that only runs a few times a year. Domains affected by this update often lose or gain significant visibility on Google results pages . The last update was in early June 2019, about 4 months ago.And this means?Although it has been a while since the announcement, we can now measure the first changes in the affected domains.Google has just made it clear that it will reward content that is quality and original. ” We have recently made ranking updates and posted changes to our search guides to help us recognize original content, highlight it more prominently in searches, and make sure it stays put longer. “With this, Google wants users looking for the latest news to be able to find the topic that “started it all” and that the media “can benefit from having their original content viewed more widely.” Google wants to reward the work of in-depth information, avoiding that the investigative news and the exclusive ones are diluted by the articles that later follow up on that topic.The change will be made, says Google, globally. The computer giant will also reward, in the case of the media, those that have established themselves as quality media. Schedule a call hereSeptember 2019: Changes in the Google algorithmIn this sense, it is important not to lose sight of the changes that the main services related to these actions make to their algorithms, with which it is worth recognizing that during this week Google announced a “deep update” to its algorithm that should be considered by the teams behind any brand that operates digitally.

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Through its Twitter account, in recent days, the Phone Number List search engine echoed these same changes that under the name “September 2019 Core Update” materialize the second “great modification” for the algorithm so far this year. The first took place last June.The message issued by the platform indicates the immediate implementation of said changes: “Later today, we will do a deep algorithm update as we do several times a year. This update is called the September 2019 Core Update. Our guide on these types of updates remains as we have commented previously ”.However, few details were provided on the implications that these changes will have on the way the content hosted on the web is displayed.Despite this secrecy, the platform echoed the possible consequences that could be read in the organic positioning of any website.In fact, he issued a series of tips for those players who may have seen their rankings affected by this update, while ensuring that he knows that “those with sites that experience crashes will seek a solution, and we want to make sure that they do not try to fix things that are incorrect , since it is possible that there is nothing to fix ”, because the effects may be part of the update and not of an internal error for each affected site.Actions to take in your SEO strategyIn this sense, in principle, Google suggested that brands and media should focus on guaranteeing the user the best possible content since “this is what our algorithms seek to reward.”In a luck to define what is the “best content”, the searched offered a list of aspects to consider to evaluate said content:The content must provide original information, research and / or own analysisYou must have a substantial or complete description of the topic coveredThe content must offer something more than the obvious and that generates value to the readerIf you consider other sources, you should avoid the explicit copy ( copy-paste ) or transcription of the original content as well as offer an additional value of your own, and, as always, cite the original sourceThe titles of the pages and articles should be a descriptive and useful summary of the information presented.The headlines of the content should avoid being too exaggerated, shocking or yellowishGoogle emphasizes that content must be presented in formats that demonstrate trust, with clear fonts, timely information from the authors, and free of spelling or style errors.It is possible that the consequences of the “big update” to the Google algorithm will be visible more clearly during the following days or weeks, inclusive. However, the strategic teams behind each website are obliged to keep track of these modifications to adjust their strategies and not lose steps on the ladder of the great search engine that seems increasingly saturated and complex to climb.If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we want to help you be one of the best this 2019! Also, subscribe to our blog for more tips to increase your sales this year. Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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