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ECommerce has become one of the most common formats to sell products over the Internet and increase the profits of companies like yours.However, the digital world is so wide that sometimes it can be difficult to find a gap between so much competition … and precisely for that reason, it is very important to work on web positioning and achieve good visibility from the first moment.Don’t even know where to start?Stay by my side! Because in this post I am going to collect the best SEO tips for eCommerce so that you can:Get the best positions in search engines like Google.Climb higher and higher until you surpass your competition.Get inspired by SEO tips for very useful online stores to reach more users and increase yourincome.SEO tips for eCommerce that you should applySince the Internet came into our lives, many companies consider that creating an online store is the perfect solution to sell any product.However, the reality is that if it is not done in the correct way, it can give us the odd headache, or at least not provide us with the expected results …And, the return on investment (of time, effort and money) is essential.For an eCommerce to work it is essential that we manage to give it visibility and voice .How to get it? There are many ways to increase the positioning of your Georgia Phone Number List store, but with these simple SEO tips for eCommerce you will begin to notice improvements immediately.Do keyword research for your storeWhen working on SEO for eCommerce, the first thing you should do is keyword research .To do this, you should ask yourself the following questions :How do my potential customers search for the products I offer? Do I know which audience I am targeting?What does a user put on Google when they want to get to my product?Detecting your business keywords is the main objective to make users find your products.If you are thinking of setting up an eCommerce or you already have it, identify those keywords for which you want to appear .

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Take the URLs of your main pages and look for the keywords that best suit what you offer and the user’s search intention .Note : To find the keywords, if you don’t have paid tools, you can use Google’s own suggestions. The autocomplete will indicate the searches that users make on a term.Pamper your Georgia Phone Number List content for eCommerce One of the essential SEO tips for eCommerce is the optimization of the texts of the site.This includes descriptive texts of categories, product sheets and even the home page itself.You already have keyword research and you already know what keywords to position and reach users for. So you can follow these recommendations to optimize content .To enhance the SEO of your online store you can propose the creation of a blog that offers all the information that goes beyond your product itself:Answer frequent questions from users.Talk about news in the sector.Company news.Work longtail keywords to offer more information about your products to potential customers.Remember that keywords are important, yes, but you must include them in your texts with total naturalness, that there is no forced language, since this would cause rejection in the user.Bet on a functional designIt is very important when building an eCommerce that you do it with an easy and simple structure .In this way the user will be able to understand the operation of your website quickly and the purchase process will also be streamlined.
You can structure your online store by categories and segment the products in each of them.But beware! Do not stay there, in what everyone does. If you want to stand out you have to be unique and special.Therefore, bet on a creative design that attracts the user , but without overloading your website. The goal is to achieve a clean, beautiful, orderly and intuitive space . A space that makes it easy for the user to buy.Optimize imagesWhen you have uploaded your entire product feed to your eCommerce, you will have to complement it with images that accompany the file of each article.Here you must be very careful with the size and resolution of the images you place. In many websites, what works best is that they do not weigh more than 100 kb.Remember that the greater the weight of an image, the longer it will take to load your website and this will penalize the quality of your eCommerce. Therefore, it will also affect your positioning.

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It is important that the images are able to capture the user’s attention and have the highest possible quality.Remember that today most of the traffic and online purchases are made through mobile. That is why it is essential to take care of the optimization of images for all devices, but especially for mobile marketing .Request a budget without obligationTake care of the metadataThe most basic goals that you should keep in mind are: the title and the description .When we talk about goals or metadata we refer to the part of text that the search engine shows in the results.Title: is the title optimized for search engines. Ideally, include the keyword naturally as far to the left as possible, without exceeding 55 characters. SEO emojis can be used to stand out from the competition, as well as initial capital letters to stand out in SERPsDescription: The meta description is the descriptive text that is displayed after the title in search results. It is a good space to attract the user’s attention and encourage their click. It also has limited space, approximately 156 characters for computer searches, but it goes down to 115 characters in the case of mobiles. This is the ideal place to include calls to action for the user, such as: Click !, find out here, etc.LOOK, I give you an example with one of our pages, specifically that of this SEO blog :Goals for SEO on GoogleHaving attractive metadata will increase your traffic and therefore the CTR will improve . This means that the impressions will be higher and there will be more ballots to get the best positions. Here are other ideas to stand out with your online store in the search engine: Google Shopping. What it is and how to use it to increase sales .Friendly URL’s in products and categoriesFriendly URLs are more understandable by the user as it will allow them to easily recognize what they will find . But at the same time, it is also an optimization trick for the SEO of your eCommerce. So keep that in mind.

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