SEO strategies in 2020: get ahead of your competitors

Knowing the SEO strategies in 2020 that pave the way to position your website is one of the philosophical stones of digital marketing. It is the million dollar question when it comes to web positioning . And that is repeated year after year, is: ¿ What SEO strategies will be those that will work this year? Imagine the business potential that you can generate on the internet knowing in detail what Google values. And applying it, later, on your website to stand out in the search results . The reality is that with each passing day the set of algorithms used by the search engine is much more complex. It is estimated that today it handles more than 200 positioning factors. But the thing does not end there since the rate of changes or updates that brands support each year already exceeds half a thousand. With this situation, anticipating SEO strategies in 2020 is not an easy task. And yet you can always venture out to find out where current SEO trends are at. And therefore. what you should take into account when positioning your website for the coming year. Main SEO strategies in 2020 As you can see, some of the aspects to take into account in order to position yourself in Google in 2020 are really new and technically advanced. Who would have thought that by 2020 there would be an interesting relationship between Artificial Intelligence and SEO?  find mobile phone number australia  The truth is that it has a lot to do with it. And it will not be difficult for you to take this aspect into account to boost the web positioning of your site next year.

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One thing is important that you keep in mind, and that is that despite the passing of the years, you should not forget that Google continues to live in a dichotomy that will mark everything it does: On the one hand,  Australia Phone Number List  it has its business model based on online advertising . But your client is not the companies that buy those advertising space from you. Your real customer is the user who performs searches . And everything that is going to be implemented is going to be destined for this client. It will always seek to offer you the best of the possible answers for the search that you have made. If you keep this in mind in all your SEO actions, you will surely have no problem leading the search results that interest you for your digital business. These are 5 of the main SEO strategies in 2020 that you should work on:It sure doesn’t come as a surprise that Google uses Artificial Intelligence to improve its own algorithms . It is their way of being able to offer the best possible answers to user searches. Is there something that you have read out there that can connect you with this variable to take into account as an SEO strategy in 2020? Rankbrain will sound familiar to you , which has been a very fashionable term in the SEO world in recent years. It is a self-learning algorithm that deals with new searches, with search intentions that have never been performed.

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