SEO Services Report 2019

Last Updated April 5th, 2021 at 08:32 pmSEO expert Brian Dean surveyed 1,200 business owners to better understand the current state of the SEO Agency services industry . With the information he collected, he prepared a detailed report that expands on the following points:How much people spend on SEO.Where people find SEO services.Why do people choose one agency over another.Why People Decide To Leave Their Current SEO Provider.Here are the main findings of Dean’s survey.Key highlights and statistics:1. Small American available cell phone numbers canada spend an average of $ 497.16 per month on SEO services.2. A strong correlation was found between higher spending and higher customer satisfaction. In fact, customers who spent more than $ 500 / month were 53.3% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” compared to those who spent less than $ 500 / month.3. Most small business owners find SEO providers through referrals, Google searches, and online reviews. A small fraction of SEO clients (8%) found their current online advertising provider.4. When it comes to choosing a provider, 74% of business owners consider an SEO provider’s reputation to be “very” or “extremely” important. Monthly cost and the provider’s own Google rankings were also noted as important factors.5. On the other hand, an agency’s presence on social media and client case studies were seen as relatively unimportant factors in deciding who to work with.6. Most small business owners expect SEO agencies to help them drive immediate growth in their customer base and results. Specifically, 83% of our respondents stated that SEO providers should be able to help them “access new customers.”

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7. However, most small business owners do not seem to appreciate a provider’s ability to increase social media following. In fact, only 26% of those surveyed mentioned that “getting followers on social media sites” is extremely important.8. Overall SEO customer satisfaction is decidedly low. Only 30% would recommend their current SEO provider to a friend or colleague. However, we found that customer satisfaction among Canada Phone Number List agencies was higher than that of freelancers.9. Not surprisingly, customers are very satisfied with SEO providers that help them get more traffic and customers. Additionally, 61% of business owners mention that “increasing brand awareness” is important to them.10. The location of an SEO provider also seems to play a key role in whether or not a client chooses to worwith an SEO agency. 78% of US-based small business owners consider the location of their supplier to be a “very” or “extremely” important consideration.11. 44% of small business owners leave their current SEO provider largely due to “Dissatisfaction with business results.” 34% cite “customer service / responsiveness” as a key reason they left. Only 21% leave because they were convinced by another competitor.12. SEO provider turnover is high. 65% of our panel stated that they had worked with different SEO providers. 25% have worked with 3 or more suppliers.If you are interested in the subject, you can go to this link to see the report in detail with graphics. What do you think of this data? Leave us your comment.

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