SEO penalties: what are they and how to prevent them from affecting your website

Is your website not appearing in Google search results?Have you seen your keywords fall drastically to the last pages of search engines?What are SEO penalties? Kazakhstan Phone Number List  penalties are a punishment / sanction that Google places on a site when it considers that it is notcomplying with established practices .Two situations can occur:hat it is a penalty due to an update of the Google ranking algorithm .That you get an SEO penalty due to the practice of Black Hat SEO techniques .The fact that we all depend on search engines (especially Google in Spain), so that our traffic and income grow and remain stable, forces us to be informed of new changes and latest algorithm updates in order to carry out small changes that can help us.Being aware of these changes will not only prevent us from SEO penalties, but it can also provide a competitive advantage over our potential competitors .How to avoid SEO penalties in 2021Being attentive to algorithm changes is essential to apply those small changes that help us grow. However, it will be the good practices with which we build our sites that will prevent us from falling into SEO penalties .You should know that Google does not discriminate. If you do it well, it will reward you, but if you do it poorly, it will penalize you.If you think that your website is already penalized by Google, we invite you to check and correct the Google penalty .On the other hand, if your website is -apparently- healthy, or you are going to start from scratch with your pages, it is important to know a series of techniques that will make you avoid SEO penalties Don’t buy linkWe are going to take this first technique with tweezers.The link building well done can bring benefits at the level of positioning your website.

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By buying links we refer to those platforms or media that are exclusively dedicated to this type of practice .If you are going to invest in links, do it on websites that Kazakhstan Phone Number List sense with your business , that can add value and vice versa. The goal is to look as natural as possible.The anchor text is also important when building links. Avoid the excessive use of the same anchor text and its over-optimization , and give it variety.Thin content and keyword abuseThe contents that do not add value, Google increasingly takes them into account . But in a negative way.With the Google BERT update, robots that analyze content are now able to better understand and interpret texts in order to offer users valuable content that is consistent with their search intent .Generating thin content and crushing exact keywords in the content is something that Google can sanction.Therefore, if you want to avoid SEO penalties, try to use natural language, with synonyms and keywords related to the main one, as well as generate quality content.Don’t duplicate contentThe duplicate content is another aspect to avoid not lead to an SEO penalty.Search engines reward originality and authorship of content . If several identical content are detected on different pages, Google will penalize (in case its bots detect it), those pages that are using duplicate content.If you are going to introduce content from other sources of information literally on your website , cite it . As long as you are not going to cite an entire content. In that case it is still duplicated in the eyes of the engines.Monitor incoming linksIn addition to not buying links on spammed sites or that are fully dedicated to that business, it is important that you review your link profile on a recurring basis . For example, with Search Console.Sometimes we may have suffered a link “attack” or received spam links without realizing it .

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With a periodic review we can disavow the links and thus reduce the risk of a possible SEO penalty.Includes outbound linksLinking to other websites or reference pages is important to give credibility .Including links in some of your content to authority pages, as long as they make sense, is a recommended technique.Request a budget without obligationPost ads that prevent or hinder navigation
If your website has many ads that annoy users , prevent them from reaching the contents easily, or can lead to deception and the visitor falls into the error of clicking unintentionally, that site has ballots to be penalized .Advertising can be your way of income and, well optimized, the ads are accepted. Work to get the best user experience on your website and prevent them from constantly bouncing and bouncing.These are some techniques (not the only ones) that can help you avoid SEO penalties . However, in the naturalness of your actions and in everything that we call White Hat SEO is the key.Google sanctions thousands of web pages a month and many could have been avoided . If you have doubts about how to carry out the best practices in the digital world to achieve your goals, at we can help you.

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