SEO off page: What is it, Powerful Techniques and Strategies

The SEO off page includes all those organic positioning factors external to your website and, theoretically, are not controllable by SEO on page directly.Although on page Ghana Phone Number List is essential to create a good foundation, an important part of the factors that affect the Page Rank of a page are based on off page optimization.In fact, it is one of the keys of the algorithm that Google presses to determine the position that a website will obtain after the user’s search,The way in which off-page SEO contributes to improving organic positioning is by increasing your website’s Page Rank score .This ranking takes into account hundreds of factors, among which the quantity and quality of the incoming links stand out.Dofollow or nofollow links ?External links are accompanied by an attribute that determines their value .In a quick and summarized way, dofollow links are those that transfer page rank and authority of the page that mentions you.For its part, the nofollow is simply a mention that, in principle (it is not 100% proven), does not transfer authority or page rank .Although the follow links are, a priori, the most interesting, do not leave out the no follow. And it is that these add variety to your link profile, making it more natural and reducing the chances of a possible Google penalty .Also, keep in mind that links, follow or not, are opportunities to generate traffic on your website .And what about sponsored links In off-page SEO , link sales are booming. For this reason, Google in its attempt to detect artificial profiles based on the purchase, incorporated new attributes for the links in 2019 , among which is the sponsored one .If a link contains the sponsored tag , it is telling search engines that it is a sponsored link . So you should always try to avoid them.How to get those valuable links?We start from the basis that an off page SEO strategy consists of a series of techniques aimed at getting external links that point to your website to improve the positioning both in Google and in other search engines.There are several powerful techniques and strategies to obtain links and thus improve the page rank and authority of your page.I’ll tell you some!Create valuable content on your websiteStep number 1: create a good blog and update it with top content.SEO is not about building the house on the roof, so before going crazy hunting for links, I recommend that you design a good strategy of original , attractive, useful content that provides maximum value to the user .Believe me, this is essential, since if you do not offer unique content, with added value and frequently updated , it will be much more difficult to attract traffic and, even more, to awaken interest in other websites to link you.GuestpostingHunting for links, yes! but with an eye.I recommend you avoid dishonest strategies known as “black hat” that help generate links automatically using methods close to spam, which are increasingly in the spotlight and can give you more than one dislike in the form of Google penalties. .

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Instead, go for friendlier techniques such as Guest Blogging .What does it consist of?In publishing articles as guests on third-party websites in order to obtain Ghana Phone Number List and also to be able to get direct traffic from users who are bitten by the bug.Use prestigious content aggregators Use prestigious content aggregators Another idea to improve off-page SEO is to use prestigious content platforms such as Marketing Fan for professional marketers.This can help you spread your articles , inject them with a good dose of visibility to build your prestige little by little and thus get juicy links.Use this search on Google + your keyword, and find the ones most related to your sector.Harness the viral power of social mediaYou can also take advantage of the pull of Social Media Marketing to give visibility to your content,attracting looks, clicks and, why not, shares and links.Say yes to the power of social media viralization !It can be frankly useful for you to spread your content and gain visibility , create communities on Linkedin , Facebook , Twitter (do you follow us? and other platforms to encourage the active participation of users and awaken their engagement.In this article we recommend the best social media tools with which to manage your content on these platforms and amplify its reach.Comments and forumsThis off-page SEO practice has been heavily crushed and many forums and blogs are spammed .In this case, it is about appearing on websites that are related to our business , our website and what we are experts with.Participating in forums and commenting on blogs giving our expert point of view can allow us to place a link, but also to make ourselves known within the sector. Something that could translate into visits and possible transactions.

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Do not forget that your comment has to make sense and DO NOT promote your page in a blatant way !Figure in inescapable directories for your sectorFigure in inescapable directories for your sectorIf you do opt for this option, be sure to post your links only to reputable quality vertical directories , so the cure is no worse than the disease.Today there are a variety of directories of all kinds , and it is not difficult to find them, although many of them are easier to find in English than in Spanish.Although it is true that it is easy and fast to appear in free general directories , since in many cases it is enough to fill out a form, they are not usually the ones that improve the most off-page SEO, since they are more likely to be plagued with spam and they don’t add much value.So, better sharpen your aim to find directories related to the theme of your site and strive to find opportunities to generate not so obvious links.Viral contentTaking advantage of the first tip, that of generating content on your own website, you can propose studies and / or curious news about your sector that may be relevant .If you generate very good and unique content, you can try to make it go viral. In fact, it is possible that many media can echo your news and you will be achieving link building in a natural way.Hit the coconut and think how you can link baiting to get free natural links .Sponsored PostBuying links is the order of the day as an off page SEO technique . And it is that there are already few quality spaces from which to receive incoming links (but there are;)).Investing in links can be a double-edged sword:It can be good for us if we target thematic media , related to our sector and in which good and specialized content is worked.It can have a negative impact on us if we bet on link farms and media that are spammed from linking to so many external domains.In this sense, it will be key to analyze well the means so as not to lose money but, above all, not to get penalties in the future. That is why it will be important to have the link building strategy very well defined .Request a budget without obligationMake a link building as natural as possibleIn reality, the most legal and effective off-page SEO actions go through the creation of content that provides added value such that it awakens the interest of users who are part of your target audience, of third-party sites related to yours. and if possible with authority, and therefore, Google (and company).From there it is important to stay in the limelight .

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Well, it is about continuing to generate content that helps you position yourself as a benchmark in your sector , as well as maintaining the flame of interesting collaborations for both parties.In parallel, you should also analyze if you receive negative SEO attacks that, although they do not impact your website directly, they can influence the appearance of your brand in search results.In this way you will be able to generate, slowly but surely, more links and of higher quality, managing to improve the Page Rank of your website and, therefore, having a key factor in your favor for the positioning and visibility of your company , which ultimately translates into results.As you have seen, off-page SEO is a very broad discipline and, therefore, requires dedication and expertise .That is why many times it is worth delegating this important work for the visibility of your company to a team of professionals who are experts in the field capable of hitting the target of organic positioning to boost your business.

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