Search by keywords on Instagram. How can you take advantage of it in your strategy?

Do you know the keyword search of Instagram? Today, the world of social networks does not stop in terms of the development of new functions and the improvements of the interface of each platform .

On that occasion,  Norway Phone Number List    the most visual social network has released a new functionality, and that is now it allows searching with keywords. The objective of this is to be able to free you from the limited hashtags when searching for content.

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Instagram all the time seeks to update its search functionality so that users can find  content much easier through the use of relevant terms .  Norway Phone Number List    Until now, this platform only searched using hashtags , as well as user names, profile names and location tags.

Not being able to search with keywords meant that many contents in which tags were not used were left out of the searches carried out by users, which were limited to the possible impact of all publications.

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Now you can discover everything about keyword search on Instagram, so that you make the most of it in your strategy and have guaranteed success.

An improvement in the search options has Instagram
Currently, Instagram allows a few ways to search for content. In the “Explore” option you can use several formulas to get a list of results:

Search by name: @ZapatosCC
Search by hashtag: #ZapatosCC
Search by location: Diagonal, Barcelona
Search emoticon: ?
Search by keyword: Capital City Sports Shoes
Previously, Instagram was only searchable by account name, profile, location, or hashtag . However, this is going to change very soon with keyword searching. What does this mean? That users will be able to find publications that have some keywords in their title .

Keyword search on Instagram allows access to more content
Instagram keywords

This is a big change in the platform, so it is going to be quite useful in marketing strategies . Now, instead of using 30 hashtags to find the publication, with the words in the title you will make it possible.

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In order to test this, you just have to go to the search area found within the application . Type in a search word that you want to find, for example: shoes. At the top of the results you will see some keywords and search terms with a magnifying glass next to them.

After having done this step, you have to select a search term, which will take you to the publications that have this search term in their title.

Two things to keep in mind
It is important that you take these two aspects into account when you are going to search for keywords on Instagram, so that you get the results you are wanting. Pay attention.

The search for a specific type of content has only been possible when browsing by categories in the “Explore” option . It is also done by searching for pages or profiles that are looking for the type of content you want , or by using hashtags . However, this search experience has not yet been optimized.
In general, hashtags have many unrelated posts, full of users who just want to increase their reach in their posts so they can be discovered by other users.
In this case, the keyword search results on Instagram will restrict the variety of content for each user . For example, a page will only publish content that is preferred by its administrator and, through a profile, the user will see the content of only one creator.

Posts found in the “Browse” category will be limited to accounts that have high engagement, or similar accounts that users were able to interact with previously.

To address this problem, the platform introduced keyword searching . It is a way of displaying results that are usually more relevant to users.

Bet on keyword search on Instagram?
Search by keywords on Instagram

For a few years, this social network acquired by Facebook , has been the subject of constant criticism by its millions of users, since they had a very limited search system.

In fact, many people are slow to find what they are looking for. Something that causes them to lose interest and end up giving up, which also hurts brands and companies that lose the possibility of gaining visibility.

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So far, the problem that the company had is that it only limited its searches to profiles, hashtags and places. So, if you were looking for something like a recipe for a meal that you liked, you were restricted to accounts or users that had similar names and made use of tags such as #recipes or #food.

For this reason, Instagram evaluated the experience of its users and opted for a new interface where the use of search by keywords would be integrated.

In this way, just by typing a word in the search engine, you will see how options are displayed that will be related, even if they do not have a specific tag.

Machine learning system for content search
This new option will use a machine learning system, which will evaluate the content you are looking for according to different variables . These variables can be the content, type of account, date of publication or some hashtag that is related.

The new interface will only show related content that is published in the feed of the accounts you follow. In addition, this platform clarified that its search will continue to be limited to certain keywords that are of common interest in the social network .

In this way, you will not be able to find anything that has come to mind as if it were a browser. For now, the new option will only be available in English-speaking countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.

We will have to wait a bit for this new interface to reach all Spanish-speaking countries.

How does keyword search work on this platform?
How keywords work

This option will allow users to do more specific searches on what they want to find. An example of this might be entering a phrase like “home office inspiration” .

You will no longer have to limit yourself to using hashtags and having to post #inspiracionhomeoffice. The results will show what you are looking for, even if no labels as such are found .

It is not known exactly how the social network determines what each publication is going to be about without depending on the tags. However, it will use subtitles to display searches. But is it just a coincidence? Does the Instagram algorithm understand synonyms?

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Here we will consider a number of factors that will determine which search results are returned. These factors can be the content itself, the subtitles, when it was published, and much more.

In this way, the platform will ensure that the results coincide as closely as possible with the search intention of the users. However, keep in mind that the search results will be limited to certain terms that are within the guidelines of the Instagram community.

It is very important that in your strategy you make sure you optimize your content and work on a good keyword strategy . Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee that users find what they are really looking for.

Great potential for SEO on Instagram
SEO on Instagram

One of the most exciting aspects of this update, especially for marketers, is the SEO potential it will have on Instagram.

Previously, the only way to optimize posts on this network was to include tags that were relevant, and some location tags if necessary.

Now, the platform has a new algorithm , so that marketers and brands can work on aspects of their content and optimize them.

However, it is always good to wait and see how this change will affect user behavior. It is not yet certain how users will adapt to this new form of search.

Most likely, users will be willing to use keywords to find content the way it is done on Pinterest.

It will be very favorable for brands to see an increase in user participation in searches, since it will be an indication that keywords are being used for users to discover content.
Now that you know what keyword search on Instagram is all about, it’s time to get the most out of your strategy.
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