Scrum vs Agile: How are these methodologies different?

Before implementing methodologies in your company, it is important that you know how to differentiate them. For example, in the case of the Scrum vs Agile comparison . It may be that they are similar,    Cambodia Phone Number List   or that you can use them together, but they have differences that you need to identify before applying them.

Sometimes companies work with methods that they do not know in depth and end up wasting their true benefits. For this reason, it is very important to have knowledge, even basic, of any technique that you want to incorporate into your strategies.

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If you have a clear idea of ​​the methodology with which you want to carry out your project,  Cambodia Phone Number List   you will be able to execute it easily and efficiently. So if you master the differences Scrum vs Agile you can get the most out of the functions that each one offers.

Scrum vs Agile: know both options
Scrum vs Agile

You cannot understand the differences between Scrum vs Agile if you do not first discover each methodology individually. Therefore, below you will learn in depth these processes widely used in many companies today:

When talking about the Agile methodology, reference is made to the practice that allows to drive the continuous iteration of development and testing in the SDLC process. As well as to obtain a divided appreciation on the product in smaller constructions.

Unlike other software development methodologies , in Agile development and testing activities are concurrent. In addition, it is ideal to promote teamwork and face-to-face communication among members who have different positions within the process.

In this methodology there must be group work when creating a product. But who should work together? Businesses, stakeholders, developers, and customers.

This option is an Agile process, which gives software developers the ability to focus on delivering business value in the shortest time possible. It is also responsible for quickly and frequently inspecting the actual working software.

Additionally, it focuses on responsibility, as well as teamwork and iterative progress towards well-defined objectives. Scrum has the task of dealing with the fact that the requirements are changed or unknown when starting the project.

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Scrum and Agile benefits
With the knowledge about these methodologies already acquired, it is time to discover the differences resulting from the Scrum vs Agile comparison. Below you will see a series of aspects that will help you understand what each one is useful for:

Agile Advantages
Agile methodology

Provides more benefits to customers, since working under a specific approach allows delivery in short cycles . This makes the development team more responsive to customer development requests.
This methodology also benefits providers by improving customer satisfaction and retention . They can focus on developing high-value features, lowering overhead, and optimizing efficiency.
The products are of better quality and it allows the product owner to make the necessary adjustments if a problem arises. This happens thanks to the periodic inspection that is carried out throughout the life cycle.
Agile provides greater visibility , since it works with a collaborative approach. In this way, it encourages the active participation of users throughout the development of the product.
It allows cost control, since this methodology has a fixed time scale and budget.
Good risk management can be carried out in this methodology, since small incremental versions can be viewed by the product owner during its development cycle. It helps to identify problems at an early stage so that necessary changes can be made.
Scrum benefits
Scrum process

Scrum is a simple process that is carried out in “sprints” (mini-projects of no more than a month). The objective is to increase the value in the product that is being created.
The product owner or product owner participates in this process, who is responsible for maximizing the value of the product. He is also in charge of the work of the development team and of extra tasks such as the administration of the product catalog.
The figure known as Scrum Master or project facilitator also has great relevance here. The person who has this position makes sure that the team complies with the theory and its rules.
This process is managed by a development team made up of self-organized professionals. They are in charge of managing the catalog and product increments at the end of each sprint.
Scrum uses user stories to describe the functions required while developing the product. If you need to make a change, the team can make adjustments from the next sprint. Thus, the development team will be flexible enough to adapt to these modifications.
In this methodology, communication between the team and the business users is carried out daily or weekly depending on the sprint schedule. This is essential, since it promotes the strategies successfully.
Collaboration between the team and the product owner. They hold sprint planning meetings for developers to jump-start work based on knowledge gained from business priorities.
Check Scrum vs Agile differences
The benefits also mark differences between these two methodologies. But there are other aspects that settle the Scrum vs Agile comparison that you need to delve into. The most decisive ones are analyzed below:

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Agile methodology

This is a development methodology that is based on a iterative and incremental approach.
At the software development level, it is considered the most suitable option for environments with a small project development team.
Leadership is fundamental in the Agile methodology.
When compared to Scrum, you will notice that this is a more inflexible method , that is, there is not much room for recurring changes.
Work with collaborations and face-to-face interactions between members of different cross-functional teams.
It is likely to require a lot of initial development process and organizational change.
Requires regular delivery to the end user for feedback to be generated.
Development steps, such as requirements, analysis and design, are monitored frequently throughout the life cycle .
The one in charge of all the tasks is the project manager.
By generating feedback during the process from the end user, it makes the end product more useful.
Agile delivers and updates the software regularly.
Work with a simple design and execution.
The main objective is based on customer satisfaction , providing a constant delivery of valuable software.
Work software represents the most fundamental element of progress.
Scrum process
Scrum vs Agile

In this process , advances are delivered to the client every two or three weeks.
It is used especially in projects where requirements change rapidly.
Promote a self-organized and cross-functional team.
The most striking aspect of Scrum is its flexibility, since it reacts quickly to changes that arise.
Collaboration is achieved in support meetings that are held daily. In these there are fixed roles assigned to the Scrum Master, as well as the product owner and team members.
In this process, not many changes are required while this process is running.
Once each sprint is finished, a preview is delivered to the client for feedback . In the same way, a demonstration of the functionality is provided so that the team can base the feedback before the next sprint.
Here you do not work with a team leader, since all the members take care of the issues or problems.
Regarding the daily meetings, these are held not only to get feedback, but also to make decisions regarding the future of the project.
When the team finishes with the activities of the current sprint, it is time to think about the next one.
It is possible to work with an innovative and experimental design and execution.
Its fundamental principle is in the empirical control of processes, while the working software is not an elementary measure.
Do you already know how to differentiate them?
The Scrum vs Agile analysis has shown you two interesting processes to use. Without a doubt, they are complex options, but with great potential to develop processes and tasks in your company.Both can provide you interesting short and long-term fruits.

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They are two methodologies that, despite appearing similar at first glance, have many differences that you have to take into account when choosing one or the other. Now that you have the information at your fingertips, you can implement them in the correct way according to the needs of your company.

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