How many businesses do not have an app today? Very few, right? And it is that smartphones are increasingly being used and, consequently, the creation of applications is increasing.According to the Mobile Global Report , users spend more than 80% of mobile minutes in applications. For this what is a uk mobile number , apps are very useful for a business, especially if you know how to attract and retain users.But is creating a well-designed app enough to get downloads? The answer is no. Currently, there are millions of applications in stores, which implies a greater number of competitors and, therefore, a greater difficulty to position your application in the first positions. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a good ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy and apply it to your app to improve its position and achieve greater engagement .One of them, and about which I am going to talk to you in this article, is to get a good appearance in the application stores, and one of the fundamental aspects for this to be possible, is the choice of the appropriate screenshots for your file app.How to create the ideal screenshots for your appHave you ever looked at the screenshots before downloading an application? Almost always, right? Every day the graphic factors of your application file take on more prominence and if they are not taken into account, it can lead to a decrease in positions in the ranking of applications.


Even so, screenshots or screenshots are usually the last thing you think of when creating an application. What is this about? Mainly because developers focus more on external channels to promote the app, such as investing in advertising or content UK Phone Number List , forgetting about internal marketing, such as creating eye-catching screenshots according to what you want to transmit through the app.Here are some tips to create the ideal screenshots for your application:1- Make a study of screenshots of the competition What is this for? By knowing what your competition is doing, you can get an idea of ​​whether it is successful or not and therefore try to do something similar for your application.On the other hand, although it is more risky, you can also use this information to stand out and do something different that attracts the attention of your users.2- Take into account your target audienceBefore starting to design your screenshots, define the audience you are going to address. It is not the same to design screenshots for a fashion application than for a game.3- Start with a well-defined ideaBefore getting down to work, try to brainstorm the main ideas and, from among them, choose the most appropriate for your app. Later, make a sketch to get an idea of ​​how it would look.Keep in mind that the design of your screenshots has to be consistent with your app. It is useless to make perfect captures, if they do not convey the essence of the application.If the app is a business, use the same corporate colors, the same copies or similar and the same typography that you usually use on the website and other platforms, so as not to confuse the user and create a concordance with the values ​​of the business.

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4- Make a short promotional video to appear among your screenshotsWhat is a promotional video? It consists of a short video that aims to publicize the company and the product / service they offer.All application stores (App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows), give the option of including a video between the screenshots. For this reason, it could be interesting to add it, since being in audiovisual format, it is possible to transmit in a much more direct way what we want to promoteTry to make your video:Brief: preferably not exceeding one minute.Entertaining: so it doesn’t get boring or repetitive.
Creative – Stand out from the competition.Simple: that the user understands it the first time and does not get overwhelmed.Consistent: the video must meet minimum branding and branding requirements. That is, be consistent with the brand image.Quality: the video will be the first thing the user will see among your screenshots. Therefore, it is very important that it reflects a minimum of quality.

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