Sales managers: do they keep detailed control of their sales process?

Do you know what all sales executives do with leads once they get them? Are you sure they are converting them to customers? Are they following the exact sales process? If you are not one hundred percent sure of the answers, read on!It is a fact, the sales process has evolved in recent years, as telemarketing data providers today have to adapt to the modern prospect; on the contrary, they are liable to disappear if they do not adapt to the realities of change.However, with so many evolutions in the sales pipeline , in the sales process itself and in the way of generating leads, it is difficult for every sales manager to adequately control everything that sales executives do and to know if they are effectively on track to achieve business objectives.So, next, I will give you the 3 factors that you have to pay 100 percent of attention so that you do not miss any sales closing and even increase the conversion figure for your company.1. Buyer personDo you have a profile of an ideal buyer that sales executives can focus on?This is the first step before starting any sales process, as this will be like the ‘map’ for sellers to identify which lead to follow up or notThe buyer persona is who you want to attract to your company. To define it you have to identify the problems, challenges and / or goals that your products / services solve. You must bear in mind that today, your audience does not need your product, they need to solve their problems, so it is essential that your sales process focuses on the prospect and not on the closing .Businesses have to be able to understand their audience to be successful, because only then will they be able to attend, understand and create needs in consumers.You also need to identify the demographic and psychographic information of your ideal buyer. With this information, you will be able to identify who is the ideal prospect for your company.

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Once you have this profile well defined, I recommend you hold a meeting with all the sales executives and explain them and provide a copy of the buyer persona of your company. This will also save them a lot of time so they don’t waste energy following up on prospects who are not qualified for the company.If you want more information on when and who to follow up, I recommend that you read our blog on the subject, click here.2. Sales USA Phone Number List sales executives really know when to qualify and stage prospects in the pipeline?The sales pipeline is used to measure and calibrate the health of the sales forecast (future sales); It is a basic and necessary tool for every company, since it refers to the different phases that a sale goes through.It is extremely necessary that you establish the levels and qualification criteria for prospects before starting the sales process, so there will be no problems , since it often happens that some sellers, mistakenly, qualify a prospect as a sales opportunity, when just said prospect It was in the exploration stage in the buying process ( Buyer’s Journey ).In order for this not to happen, it is important that you have an established qualification criteria, so that everyone will know when to move a prospect to the next stage.For exampleLevel 1: subscribe, check social networks, read blogs (subscriber)Level 2: download content offers, fill out forms (lead)Level 3: answer emails, request calls for more information (MQL)Level 4: make an appointment (SQL)Level 5: purchase (customer)If you establish this type of qualification and purchase levels throughout the pipeline there will be no loss and you will be able to increase the possibility of closings. So be sure to train sales executives to understand the company’s pipeline.
In this way, you will prevent the pipeline from becoming inefficient, because if executives do not follow it to the letter, many prospects would be classified as sales opportunities, but there would be few closings and clearly, that is not what you want.

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3. CRMDo you know when sales executives reach closing goals?
One recommendation that certainly changed my life is the use of CRM. For this, I want to share it with you. Without a doubt, it is a platform where you can unify what I have told you before and review everything in one place.CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software is a platform that allows you to create and establish unified sales processes where you can have a broader vision of the commercial process, in addition to allowing you to have detailed control of all the relationships you establish with your customers potential and current customers.In other words, CRM is customer relationship management software. This can provide a solid structure for your company, so you know what policies and processes need to be implemented consistently.That is why I recommend using this software , because you will have access to review the progress of the sellers, you will be able to see how each of the prospects is doing in the sales process, you will know if they are all on track to achieve the sales goals, you will see what Salesperson already reached the goal (and congratulate him to motivate him) and those who still lack performance (motivate them and give them feedback).Keep in mind that if you guide sales executives well, they will know how to guide customers well.In addition, I invite you to continue reading and inform yourself with our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time. Guatemala has already entered the digital age, Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.If you are interested in increasing your sales, I invite you to download our e-book to increase prospects through the internet, which, effectively, will help you increase your sales closings month by month. Click the image below.

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