Sales Funnel: What is it and why does your company need a sales funnel!

Understand what the Sales Funnel is and what each of its stages are, from attraction to closing a saleThe Sales Funnel is a representation of the stages that a potential customer goes through, from the first contact with the company to the closing of the sale. Typically, a Commercial Funnel is divided into 3 stages: the top of the funnel (ToFu), the middle of the funnel (MoFu) and the bottom of the funnel (BoFu).In this post, we are going to talk about everything about the Sales Funnel, from concept to construction.Are you one of those who prefer not to read? Then take advantage of the following video, where two Digital Netherlands Phone Number List professionals will tell you everything you need to know about the Commercial Funnel, including examples and very didactic cases. Enjoy it!All companies, from small to large, are focused on generating results . Regardless of their structure, which in many cases can be quite complex, all of them can use Inbound Marketing actions to generate results online.Therefore, we can reach a point where we ask ourselves: what are the results that these actions are bringing?That is why the Inbound Marketing methodology makes the difference: It is all based on the sales funnel , a concept well known by companies and that allows us to understand the results generated at each stage of the process of attracting new customers.The sales funnel is a way to measure and get to know your potential customers much better, which covers all activities from attracting new visitors to generating sales with an Inbound Marketing strategy, thus increasing the monthly turnover of your business.

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So what is the Marketing funnel or sales funnel?As its name says, it is shaped like a ” cone ” and is divided into stages that measure from the number of visitors that are being generated on your website (top of the funnel) to those that become sales (customers).The methodology accompanies this whole topic called Inbound Marketing that focuses on 5 main stages such as: Visitors, Leads , Qualified Leads, Opportunities and Sales .Sales Funnel1st Stage of the Sales Funnel: VisitorsWe know that in order for them to get to know us and start selling our products or services, we must attract an audience to the company’s website .For this I am going to give you several strategies such as: producing and optimizing content (SEO), paid media ads , presence in social networks, participation in other websites (guest posts), etc.At this stage the website receives different types of visitors, from curious to those who are already looking for a specific solution, so having good content on your blog will be an excellent way to attract qualified visitors for all stages of the process of buy and be well positioned in search engines like GoogleIn addition, by generating interesting and relevant content, you are giving a feeling of credibility to the visitor.If the blog is continuously updated with content of interest to the public, it can then become a reference in your sector, and I will also explain more benefits that you are going to get with generating a blog to win new customers.It is important that at this stage you can keep track of how many daily, weekly and monthly visitors you are generating on your website . This is why you must have a tool that allows you to see:

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how many visitors are generated on your website;are the pages with the highest income;the most visited content;the rate of return from visits;other indicators that are important to understand the behavior of the target audience and to be able to verify the content planning that you are carrying out in your business.
As we still do not know who our visitors are, we need to generate strategies to convert them into Leads , that is, they leave their contact information and be able to move on to the next stage of the funnel.One of the best ways to make this possible is through forms on pages that offer something in return that is of interest to them known as Landing Pages or the famous landing pages , where we promote quality materials such as eBooks , videos, promotions, webinars , infographics, etc.It is very important that, depending on what stage of purchase the Lead is in, it will also depend on what type of content we are going to offer, in our next level I will explain in depth these interesting stages that we all go through when we are deciding what to buy to satisfy a need punctual.2nd Stage of the Sales Funnel: LeadsWe all know that when you have decided to buy your own home you had to go through some stages and analysis before deciding where you were going to live and why you chose that option over the others you had.Well, exactly this happens with your target audience, many of them come to your website without even having decided to buy your products or services.Some, for example, may be looking for solutions or many others are not clear about what they want to buy, this is why it is so important to understand each of your potential customers and at what stage of the buying process they are in order to nurture them and advance a lot. better in this process. Read in this post why generate lead Using landing pages as a strategy to capture information from your visitors to convert them into leads is an excellent way to obtain valuable data from the potential customer, for example their email, name, interests and other relevant information that facilitates subsequent contac The relationship with the potential customer will be built from there, which will determine if the visitor will develop an interest in your solution and become a customer.

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In addition, having information provided by the same potential client can easily, from there, generate a closer relationship that will allow you to generate interest for the Lead, if they will be interested in the solution you are offering and if they will become a client.Now you may be wondering how to generate really qualified leads for my company? That is a question that many have when they start an Inbound Netherlands Phone Number List strategy. To help with this point, we have for you a special material that will help you achieve that goal, you only have free access to the kit ” Generation of Qualified Leads “But then you must be wondering how do I successfully generate this? For this, at this stage of the Sales Funnel, you must understand if the offers that you are delivering to your potential customers are of interest to them and are in accordance with what they would look for.It is important then, that you can measure the conversion rate of visitors to Leads. If you are already generating Leads, great, but do not lose the focus that your company should have: generate sales with digital actions., the ultimate goal is to increase your sales by ensuring that your client does not purchase your products only once but by generating a long-term relationship.

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