Robots.txt files to improve your website’s SEO

Do you know how to use Robots.txt files to improve the SEO of your website? The vast majority of Internet users use Google almost daily. They only need to perform a search and can access thousands of sources of information. But how do search engines work? What does the Robots.txt file have to do with page indexing? Search engine robot technology has a lot to do with it here. They are responsible for tracking and indexing the largest amount of information on web pages so that they are available to users. Although this is their main function, robots have many others. For example, spammers use them to obtain emails by crawling the contact pages of the websites. In the same way, they are also often used to locate sites in XML or block access to directories or code files. In any case, this technology allows a better organization of Internet content as well as greater ease of accessing them. If you want these bots to easily scan your website and obtain the information that suits you best , the best thing you can do is use the Robots.txt files to improve the SEO of your website. What is the Robots.txt file It is basically a plain text file that is hosted in the root directory of a website . Its main function is to prevent the robots of certain search engines from crawling certain content that the webmaster does not want to be indexed or displayed in the results. In other words, it is a public file with the extension .txt that tells crawler bots where they can and cannot enter a website . In this way, you can easily specify the directories, subdirectories,  uae mobile phone directory  URLs or files that you do not want to be tracked. But what are the elements that the robots.txt file is capable of indexing or not? It is interesting to know what elements can be collected in these files, as well as which are the most commonly used commands.

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How the Robots.txt file works How Google Spiders WorkThe operation of the Robots.txt files to improve the SEO of your website is very simple. When creating a web page you must bear in mind that Google and the different crawlers will examine it at a given moment to position it. For this reason, it is essential to create a text file within the domain to collect in it all the information about the page that you are interested in that Google knows .  UAE Phone Number List  But it is also used to limit the access of trackers to other types of information . In Google’s words: ” a robots.txt file is a file that sits at the root of a site and indicates which parts you don’t want search engine crawlers to access.” That is, when Google bots go to crawl a website, the first thing they do is go to the Robots.txt file . They will then crawl the page based on the criteria specified in that text document. Keep in mind that these instructions are not orders but a kind of guidelines. Google bots can, at any given time, decide to skip a part of these directives. Although the normal thing is that the search engines respect the Robots.txt files. Create a robots.txt file To use Robots.txt files to improve the SEO of your website you will need access to the root directory of your domain. You will only have to upload the file in text format for search engines to start coming to it for guidelines.

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