Remarketing in Google Ads: how to create campaigns and lists to generate more conversions

Find out what Remarketing is, what its function is and how to use it in your Digital Japan Phone Number List strategy to obtain better results Remarketing is an online advertising technique that consists of displaying ads to users about a brand with which they already had some type of contact, such as entering your website. To create remarketing lists with the desired audience, it is necessary to include a code on your website, which is available on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.Before you start Do you need advice on Google Ads?If so, click here and learn how this self-service ad platform gives companies of any size the possibility to advertise and extract results almost immediately. Then, to dive even deeper into the content, read this post to take advantage of Remarketing.Probably the ad banners of a product or service that you had previously searched for have already “haunted” you on the web: a promotion of air tickets to a certain destination, some shoes, a discount on the clothes you were seeing, among others.And no, that is no coincidence, it is Remarketing in action. Today above all, it reaches a large number of people, but what they do not know is that they can also use it in favor of their businesses, both B2B and B2C.In this post we will better explain the subject and give some tips that you can do when creating your campaign.Do you want to support your Remarketing strategies with a good job in SEO? Download now our Accompanying Worksheet , with many great tips for your page to reach the top positions of Google.What is Remarketing?First of all, it is important to make it clear that “Remarketing” and “Retargeting” are practically the same thing. The difference is that the first is the way Google calls its own retargeting tool. Other platforms, such as AdRoll, Re Targeter, and FetchBack, do use this last word.

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The word comes from the English “target”, which means “objective”. That is, the idea of ​​retargeting is to reach the same person more than once, through advertisements that the user sees after the first searchon the subject, on a certain page they visited or any other type of interaction.What is it for?The objective of Remarketing is clear: increase conversions, and with it, also sales.The philosophy of Japan Phone Number List is that not everyone who sees an ad for the first time, chooses to make the purchase. In fact, only a small number of users do. According to Google Ads data , in e-commerce, 97% of visitors do not convert on the first visit.Even more so in complex sales, the conversion in requests for quotations or similar actions is even lower.In this way, Remarketing represents a possibility to continue reaching the customer who has not yet converted, so that the brand continues to be present in their head while they are still making the decision.Now, between the user’s first contact with the company until the purchase is made, there are different stages of the process. Here we can divide them into four different moments:Awareness: when the person begins to search on the subject, without necessarily having the intention of buying,Consideration: when the person already has some knowledge and is reflecting on making the purchase(here he compares prices, looks for recommendations, among other actions);Purchase: not much to say – when the person makes the purchase;Loyalty: post-purchase stage, when the intention is to focus on a new conversion.In this way, with a well-structured Remarketing plan, it is possible to reach users in the different phases of this funnel and help them advance to the next stages.How does Remarketing work?Its operating structure is simple. I will use Google Ads as an example.

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Imagine you are googling for ” Digital Marketing Software ” and you click on a sponsored link on the results page.When you enter the ad’s website, a cookie (which works like a stamp) is saved on your computer, and it is what Google will use to identify you. Subsequently, Google will show you ads from this same page on other partner websites that have space for ads (Display Network) or on the results pages(Search Network).In this way, new ads will appear for some time, to try to convert you. Generally, the Remarketing period is 30 days, but it may vary, depending on the platform and the settings used.Forms of Remarketing in Google Ads: Display Network and Search NetworkIn Google Ads there are basically two great ways to do Remarketing: on the Display Network and on theSearch Network.Do you know the difference?on the Display NetworkThe Display Network is a group of allied websites that offer a space within their web pages to spread sponsored links.These spaces are used to spread banners to users who are on a Remarketing list. It is from there that you see the promotions that “haunt” you on various websites.

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