Relationship marketing: everything you need to know to build customer loyalty

Relationship Marketing is a strategy with the objective of building and spreading the brand, building customer loyalty and creating authority in the market. Find out how you can put it into practice in this post!Relational Benin Phone Number List is the set of brand building and dissemination strategies, prospecting, loyalty and creation of authority in the market. The objective of Relationship Marketing is to conquer and retain customers, in addition to turning them into advocates and promoters of the brand.Have you ever had a very positive experience with a brand? So positive that you not only became a loyal customer of the product, but also acquired other solutions from the same company and became a true promoter of the brand?If you had that experience personally, or if you’ve already witnessed it in some way, you certainly remember it. In the end, who doesn’t like to be treated well and feel special?And, if you’ve already experienced that situation, you may have asked yourself: Why do some companies bother to create those experiences? Is it just to build customer loyalty? Are those actions worth it financially?The answer to all these questions has a name: Relationship Marketing .And it is much more than an action to obtain clients. It is a strategy that involves brand building, customer loyalty, brand diffusion and creation of authority in the market.Next, we are going to talk about what Relationship Marketing is, what it is for, how to apply it and if, in the end, it is worth it.Do you want to complement this information with a perfect material to deepen your studies? Don’t miss our Digital Marketing Analysis and Planning Kit , with everything you need to know to create successful strategies.What is Relationship Marketing
Let’s start with the basics: Relationship Marketing encompasses a series of strategies adopted by a company to create and maintain a positive – and, if possible, long-term – relationship with its customers.

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With these strategies, the company aims to obtain new customers and retain old ones, in addition to making those customers become advocates and Benin Phone Number List of the brand.Another objective is to become a reference in the market, mainly due to the good experiences offered to users. To achieve all this, the company creates a relationship in which it offers advantages for its clients and prospects. What is Relationship Marketing for?As we have said, Relationship Marketing aims at much more than helping with sales. It is not just to get customers, but to get fans. But that’s a two-way street: you need to offer something that your customer can’t get elsewhere. In the end, giving is how you receive.Relationship Marketing is not a strategy that occurs only in the short term: on the contrary, its objective is to create a continuous and preferably progressive relationship, either by making a customer become a fan or by making a customer of a product or service. basic evolve for more complex alternatives of your solution.And, in addition to generating new income and recurring billing, Relationship Marketing brings the customer closer to the company, which benefits not only the customer – who gains faster and more personalized responses to their questions and problems – but also the company, which receives feedback more consistent and you have the ability to learn with your audience and continually improve your solution.Think, for example, that, with Relationship Marketing, the public can approach your company and learn more about what you do and the solutions you offer. In this way, the probability that he will perceive the value of your solution is greater, and, therefore, the probability that he will buy is also greater.In addition, if the public has a good experience with your company, they will probably want to share that positive experience with other people, generating a multiplier effect that impacts the acquisition of new customers.How to apply Relationship MarketingOK, we already know what Relationship Marketing is and what it is for. But how can we apply it in practice?

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There are many ways to do this and, fortunately, the Internet made things easier for companies, because it allows them to get even closer to their audience.For example, you can count on Digital Marketing , Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing methodologies for this. Being tools, you can use blog, social networks and Email Marketing , as well as offline actions, such as sending gifts, for example.Next, we will talk a little more about the ways to apply Relationship Marketing.First step: know your audience and create a solid databaseFirst of all, there is no use doing Relationship Marketing if you don’t know your audience. Otherwise, how are you going to offer the benefits that it wants to generate a truly differentiated user experience?Therefore, it is essential that you create the people of your company , that is, therepresentations of the best clients of your company. In this way, you are going to focus your relationship with that audience, aiming to attract them to become a customer.By attracting that audience and obtaining some strategic information about it, you will generate a contact base, with which you will establish a relationship to generate and retain customers.It is important that this database is always updated with the data so that you are efficient in your relationship. The data obtained is particularly important, because with it you will create actions to retain your customers.Among those who are already your customers, the ideal is to identify which ones buy most frequently and which generate the most income for your company. In these clients you should focus the most relevant Relationship Marketing actions: create a personalized accompaniment and think of ways to approximate your contact with them.From there, you can start thinking about the tools and formats that you will use to narrow your Relationship Marketing strategies with them. See some of those tools:

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