Prosumer: The profile of a new intelligent, active and leading consumer

We are undergoing a transformation in the current market and consumption model, turning the consumer into a prosumer . This is nothing other than the result of the combination of Producer + Consumer. This term was coined in 1980 by Alvin Toffler to make predictions about the roles of producers and consumers.Obviously this change in the consumption model is not accidental. Blame for this are New Technologies, turkey mobile number list , Social Networks, web 2.0 …The importance of the user is capital in our marketing strategies. For this reason, companies have to:Create content of interest adapted to the needs of users and the brand. The brand is not just a showcase where products are sold, but now the “we”, the interaction , counts . A very clear example of this case is that of the Dove brand . He has managed to gather many fans attending to the needs and interests of his target audience.Have the necessary means so that customers can contribute their content, opinions … In the case of the Knor brand, its advertising slogan already invites us to participate ” What are we cooking today?” It invites users to participate, to ask the chef, offers and plans recipes … And it has several social media to participate, share its contents …Employ the most influential clients as brand evangelists . The best example for this case are fashion and trend blogs. If you have a brand of clothing, crafts … win over bloggers in your sector. They are the best reference for your target.Know each target and the most suitable communication channel for them. For all our actions to work you must carefully choose the medium. We must know in which media they operate. Everything will depend on each case, on each target. This is why it is so important to know your audience well.Be faithful to the values ​​of the brand . A good tip for this last point is to choose a good motto to be loyal to, which is the maximum and know how to transmit these values ​​to our target. Google is a clear example, they have known how to set certain values ​​that identify them, they know how to transmit them to their public and we believe in them.This paradigm shift in the Internet, since Tim O’Reilly proposed the coinage of Web 2.0 in 2006, has led to a much greater social interconnection in which people can make contributions to the same extent that they consume information and use services .

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There are various web platforms that help anyone to publish, edit, delete information, Turkey Phone Number List … Such as social networks, blogs, wikis, podcasting …It has gone from a passive consumer to a mobile consumer, active that is related to the brand, that has a voice. Users consume content continuously, we are always connected due to the massive use of smartphones. According to the annual report The Information Society in Spain highlights that the trend in the use of smart phones has increased by 210% compared to the previous year. This has made it easier for 25.5% of Internet users (six million users) to be permanently connected to the Internet. Spain is at the head of Europe in the percentage of use of smartphones, since 63.2% of all mobile phones are of this type. 72.6% of Internet users access the network daily both by computer and mobile It is very important that we know our users well. It can be the key to our success if we use all that information to our advantage, according to Philip Kotler ” The best advertising is that made by satisfied customers.”All these changes represent a change in marketing strategies. Markets are conversational, that is, they are connected spaces in which customers consume and generate content. These contents are shared, viralized, argued and discussed.The user has access to opinions of other buyers, brand evangelizers or influencers, manufacturers and advertisers …Currently there are a large number of tools (both free and paid), which allow us to analyze them, bias them by their interests, tastes, sex, ages …For this reason, web analysts recommend moving from marketing based on brand (one-way) to marketing based on “us”, that is, on users and brand.This is how Time magazine also understood it, when in 2007 it published on its cover as the most influential person of the year: YOU. In this new model, the purchase does not end at the moment of the economic transaction, it is understood that the relationship continues at the moment in which that consumer gives his opinion for your brand, follows you on social networks … The prosumer is the consumer of the digital age.

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