Pinterest: the social network that follows in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter

Last Updated August 26th, 2019 at 03:30 pmThe proposal of this social network is simple, the concept is basic and the idea is great. As if it were a TV police investigator, we can create our cork of images and videos with our favorite things; dividing by themes, stories, and any category that we create possible. Each of us can create an infinite number of corks with all the images that we can find or create. We can follow our references, brands and even the classic geek who always finds the best of the best. In turn, we will have our followers who can add our “Pins” to their corks and in turn “Repin” each of our images. Your connection to cell phone provider lookup canada makes it ideal for the everyday life of the average person, who is said to spend almost 50% of their time on social media.We will find party and wedding plans with those ornaments, dresses and other paraphernalia that each of the creators wants. We will find the professional photographer who fills each of your corks with his experience and art. There is even a space to display outfits, fashion, shoes, accessories, etc. That can be classified by their price (and searched for such).In Pintrest there is space for everyone, however its mobile version is exclusive for iOS (Apple devices), and it can only be entered with an invitation from Pintrest itself, with prior request to enter its home page We will see what result your opening will have for the rest.

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Social Networks vs Canada Phone Number List  Updated November 4th, 2020 at 09:32 am Blogs Blogs were one of the first digital tools that companies adopted to attract customers and make themselves known. They used blogs as a platform to express their values ​​and missions. to present its products and services. The challenge at that time was to find original and relevant content, which can be valued by the user. Having a blog meant a responsibility on the part of the organization.Today the reality is different. Despite the fact that there are several experts who affirm that blogs are still the most powerful tool in the digital world, social networks have begun to displace them as the center of attention of organizations. The study presented by Dartmouth University of Massachusetts reveals that corporate blogs are being replaced by profiles on different social networks. More than 50% of organizations choose to use social networks over blogs, and the trend shows that the percentage will increase in the coming years.Social mediaOne of the reasons for this change is the immediacy offered by social networks in updates. While the blog aims for more sustainable content over time, the posts on social networks are more immediate and perishable. In addition, the latter have a special flavor: interaction. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow instant conversations with users. This tool gives the organization the possibility of constantly interacting with its customers.In recent years, social networks have advanced and proposed an important variety of innovations; blogs, for their part, have stagnated in what they have always offered. The different options of resources and applications that Facebook presents week after week offer organizations new uses for their fan pages. That is why social networks are widely overtaking blogs.Beyond this, there are several organizations that continue to bet on them, and using social networks as a center for information, and not for interaction. The key to successful digital marketing is knowing how to combine all the tools offered by the environment, optimizing the advantages provided by each medium and adapting the content to each profile.

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