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If you want to know how Pinterest Shop works, you have come to the right place. And you can monetize your profile through Pinterest product pins . Which have been online for a couple of years. So you are going to see how effective they are, and if ecommerce , like you, should consider using them. There are already several social networks that have seen the advantages of creating stores within their profile. As is also the case with Facebook . For businesses it is a great opportunity to be able to use other platforms . Apart from your own ecommerces, where to have your products displayed. As long as, the eggs are distributed in several baskets, and not only limit yourself to one platform. And what about the Pinterest Shop? Is it a good place to invest your efforts? With all the information presented later, you will reach your own conclusions. list of the phone   And you will know if it is worth it or not. Product pins allow Pinterest users to purchase products without leaving the platform. So, once you’ve configured these pins, all of your products that show up as product pins can be purchased directly from Pinterest. To purchase one of your pinned products , visitors can select the “Add to bag” button on a product pin To check out, shoppers will then click “Check Out” from their Pinterest shopping bag.

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Payments are made on the Pinterest website via credit card or Apple Pay . Then, you will only be in charge of shipping and customer service, as if you had made the sale in your own e-commerce store. Product pins are a mutual benefit for Pinterest: First of all, they keep sellers on this network happy, as these pins allow them to sell their products to the large audience that Pinterest offers.
And secondly,  Phone Number List  it prevents Pinterest from losing your visitors, as people will not leave to make purchases from other sites. But if you have your own ecommerce store, is it really worth selling products on Pinterest? Take note of how effective it is to have your own Pinterest Shop. At the end of 2017, Pinterest had 200 million active monthly users. This had grown from 100 million by the end of 2015. So there is no question that Pinterest can help your products reach a wider audience. Pinterest research has found that 93% of Pinners use this network to plan purchases . And 87% have made a purchase after seeing something they liked on the platform.

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These are all great statistics and help you come to the conclusion that the Pinterest Shop drives sales. But is there a direct correlation between the use of product pins and increased sales for companies? Look at these cases: FlyAway BlueJay is an online store that sells artisan products from all over the world. This ecommerce store used product pins to reach potential customers on Pinterest who were shopping for gifts but were unfamiliar with its brand.As you can see, the product pins improved FlyAway BlueJay’s traffic and sales, and helped them reach a new customer base. Shophearts is a boutique online clothing store that, with 4,700 pins, already had a strong presence on Pinterest and was still before they started using product pins. Their goals for these pins were to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. Over a set period of time, Shopheart found that product pins helped them successfully increase sales and exceed new customer acquisition goals . Here are some great results they got from the Pinterest Shop: Product pins generated 15% of sales and 20% of website traffic. They also found that Pinterest customers spent 30% more than their average order value And 90% of his Pinterest Shop customers were new to Shopheart. Pinterest Shop: Best Practices to Monetize Your Profile zara home product pinPinterest provides extremely helpful guidelines on how to configure product pins and helps ensure that they are effective. Take a look at how to get started with these pins, and take note of some of the best tips for using them :

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