Photography and video for eCommerce: what do they have to be like?

Photography and video for ecommerce play a decisive role in the purchase decision of customers. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the graphic elements since they add value to an online store compared to its competition. By taking care of the visual aspect of your ecommerce you can make your products or services much more attractive . What’s more, it is a scientific fact that people process visual information far better than textual information. Therefore, placing photograph s quality in your ecommerce will allow you to capture the attention of visitors and better maintain interest. In addition, both images and video are the two types of format that arouse the most emotional responses . In the case of video, it has been shown to increase conversions exponentially. It is also true that 64% of users claim to have made their purchase after viewing a video. Knowing how photography and video for ecommerce should be will allow you to better design your online store. In addition, it brings a much more serious and trustworthy image to your brand. Because you don’t just have to be professional. It is also important to appear so. Photography and video for ecommerce: an indispensable element Attractive design for an ecommerce Taking care of photography and video for ecommerce is practically an obligation. Would you buy something on a website where there was only text or images were small or of poor quality? Poor quality images  Nepal Phone Number List  and videos will almost certainly lead to page abandonment. The visual and quality elements of the products or services must offer a true and true image of what you sell . In addition, it is vital that they reflect your brand personality and that they inspire confidence and seriousness.

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Therefore, they are two of the most determining factors in user decision-making.Think that, after all, it is a transaction that occurs behind a screen. The customer, unless he knows the product beforehand, needs to get a true idea of ​​what the product is like, its size and how it works before purchasing it . Images for ecommerce: the first impact of the user The importance of working with photography and video for ecommerce has become clear.  Nepal Phone Number List  And although both are elements that help improve the entire sales strategy , the truth is that images usually represent the first impact for the user when they first enter a page . The photos or video of the header or the home page of an ecommerce are the first thing that visitors will see.

If you manage to cause an impact or an emotional response, they will be much more likely to stay on the page and access other content. Video improves brand recall and accelerates conversions Benefits of video marketing Video is the format that generates the most engagement. In fact, today it accounts for more than 85% of Internet traffic. For this reason, more and more brands are striving to include video content in their strategies.

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