Pharmaceutical marketing: the importance of working on SEO in the pharmacy sector

Around 70% of Internet users in Spain seek information on health online , according to an INEI survey published in 2020. It is evident that with millions of consumers of online health information, it is necessary to implement engine optimization search -or SEO in the pharmacy sector- within any pharmaceutical marketing strategy .As we see massive shifts towards all things digital, SEO increasingly plays a role in business success as we see a greater need for a strong and positive web presence. This is no exception for specialty pharmacies , as consumers increasingly use the web to research, discuss, and manage their health .The benefits associated with working SEO in the pharmaceutical sector include generating more traffic, converting more visitors by attracting more relevant traffic, increasing brand awareness, product and service experience, and also driving offline sales and online . Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that allows websites to appear in organic (unpaid) search engine results. Developing a pharmaceutical SEO strategy can help you drive more website visitors, increase business, and bring new customers to your door. Of course, it is essential that the website is optimized and offers quality, relevant and unique content.SEO, a complex task of pharmaceutical new china phone number  is considered a difficult and complex task. But it is also true that pharmaceutical marketers may look to gradually work on their SEO efforts to increase the number of organic visitors to the website over time.Be clear that SEO takes time. You will have to work continuously on SEO tasks to achieve the results.


SEO strategies in the pharmacy sectorAmong all the China Phone Number List strategies possible for the pharmaceutical sector, possibly that of local SEO is most appropriate for this business model.The way we are geolocated with our mobile devices makes this an ideal situation for local SEO. We also have the option of shipping products in the purest ecommerce style .SEO for pharmacies with ecommerceSEO for ecommerce has certain peculiarities that a corporate website or content blog does not have, since it requires certain guidelines that will make us control it, or cannibalisations and duplications will occur exponentially.Previous considerations to create ecommerce in pharmacyThe task of considering technical aspects that will be fundamental in the future of our online pharmacy is of vital importance. Below we detail these particularities.Doctor using SEO in the pharmacy sector5 SEO factors to take into account in an ecommerce for pharmacySometimes we hear that it is better to include a lot of content on the category page, not to use filters and a long etcetera among the tips for SEO in pharmacies, but we may not know why these statements.5 SEO factors to consider for SEO in the pharmacy secto1. KEYWORD RESEARCHWhether for a blog, corporate website or ecommerce … a wrong keyword research can ruin all the subsequent work. The choice of the main categories , subcategories, product sheets, related keywords and keywords to work on the blog, have to be defined from keyword research .2. WEB ARCHITECTUREWith the data that we have obtained from keyword research , we began to structure our website. Defining our home page, main categories and subcategories correctly will give both Google and the user an optimal navigation to identify and find any part of our website.

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3. CANONICAL URLSThe use of this type of tags in an ecommerce is essential since with them we are going to indicate to Google which are the most representative urls of a set of pages.An example of its correct use would be in a pagination with several product pages within a category or subcategoryThat said, to clarify we speak within a generalized context and there may be certain peculiarities such as an infinite scroll or simply that the pages are not the same and we want to give as much relevance as possible to the one we choose as canonical.4. FILTERSIn an ecommerce we must establish certain precautions when displaying filters. Each filter applied is a new generated url, so if we select several of them, we have multiplied the number of url for a single product.To solve this, we can program the filtering so that it is shown to the user and not internally. This topic would be a topic to be discussed in a programming postAnother way to apply a solution would be to establish a scaling of options such as a range of models by age(from 0 to 3, from 4 to 10 and + 10), that way we could have all the urls already filtered in 3 products of a category. 5. SITEMAPSA very important issue when it comes to indexing is sitemaps . In an ecommerce for pharmacies they can have several sitemaps, one per category. There are also different types of sitemaps, xml or html format. There is no one better than another since they fulfill their function in the same way.Why local SEO is ideal for pharmaciesIt seems logical to think that buying a medicine or attending an emergency should be a task of a short period of time. Therefore, locating us at a first glance would be the objective to be achieved and we will achieve this with local SEO.What is the difference between local SEO and national SEO?There are keywords that Google treats or rather, knows how to give the appropriate context to certain search intentions. If you search with a clear intention to search for information, Google will display informational results.

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However, if that search intention is transformed if there is a place search intention, that is, “24 hour pharmacy” in that case Google will give you the results that are closest to you.pharmacist looks on his tablet information about SEO in the pharmacy sectoHow can I have a good local SEO for a pharmacy?In reality, SEO in the pharmacy sector is not so different from “normal” SEO, you just have to apply various optimizations that are only used for local SEO.5 local SEO tips for pharmacies1. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS TABThe token is something that we cannot ignore if we want to appear in the “Local Pack” and have the option of being above the competition.We have to complete all the available fields, Business title, hours, website, location, images, etc. 2. PICTURESCompleting the file with images of the pharmacy, apart from giving the user a vision of the business, is a showcase in which we can take advantage of all the internal information (metadata) of the images to offer Google extra reasons to help us rank. 3. LOCAL URL ON YOUR WEBSITDespite the fact that your address is clear and with it your location, Google values ​​positively having a url with the exact location, for example4. INFORMATION ABOUT THE AREAWithin the page with the exact url, we will offer local information on where our pharmacy is located; We are talking about the city, specific area of ​​the city, nearby characteristic points (cathedral, monuments …), and the street where it is located.5. CREATE MAPSWith our Gmail account, in addition to all the available services, we can generate our own maps with the location. With these, we will create “ extra locations ” for our business, being able to expand the action radius of our area.We hope this post has served to explain how to optimize your SEO in the pharmacy sector. If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment or contact us . We listen to you!

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