Personalized Videos: The Content Marketing Revolution

Currently, it is videos that top the list of marketing content, mainly those that are personalized. This audiovisual format must be created in order to reach the client, therefore it must be built and exclusive for him.Today there is a “competition” to dominate this new type of content, which is useful to attract the attention of potential consumers and create a relationship with them.But what exactly is video marketing?Video marketing is an online tool that is based on the use of the audiovisual format, mostly through the internet in order to meet the marketing objectives that have been set. What is sought when using this type of content is to create material that is adaptable to multiple platforms and that can also be shared through them. What is the advantage of creating videos for content marketing?According to a study published by Cyberclick , personalized videos are a great benefit for brands that decide to implement them, especially when it comes to the sales area, specifically for ROI: On Twitter it is evident that content that is shared in conjunction with a video receives 3 times more responses and retweets compared to those that do not include it.If it is about videos about products, 90% of the users affirm that these help them to make a better decision.In relation to the previous point, 64% of users say that they are much more likely to buy a product that is presented through a video Are personalized videos in marketing a trend?Yes, as we mentioned before, today there is a race to dominate this field, we leave you 3 pieces of information that show that the implementation of video in content plans is very important:According to a study published by Wyzowl in 2019, 87% of marketers use video in their content plans.In 2019, the Optinmonster page said that video uk phone directory search by number get 66% more leads than the general average.Instead, Forbes conducted a study in 2018 that revealed that users spend 88% more time on a web pagethat has integrated video content.These data can serve as a reference if you are looking to measure the effectiveness that the use of video marketing can bring to you, but now let’s go a little more into detailed matter

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What is a custom video? Custom video is called any type of content that turns out to be relevant to each of the audiences to which it is aspired to reach, whether they are potential clients, current clients or UK Phone Number List .Using the name of the users for a video of appreciation for their purchase, a series of slides that includes an image of the last time the customer visited the store and their next visit is expected, are examples of how you can implement the personalization within the audiovisual format.How can you create custom videos?One of the most obvious ways would be to go back and do them manually. But in itself it is a complex task to do due to the time it would take for the machine to assemble each video, not to mention the task of modifying the names of each video.So there are platforms that will help us create this content, if you want to know how we invite you to read 6 Platforms to create personalized videosWhat message should I give in a custom video?The goal of personalized videos is not just to entertain the audience. These usually and must contain true and strong information about the user, it must be taken into account that these must be created in order to start a conversation with the user.Make the speech feel like something personal that provides value to the user, who does not regret spending their time viewing your content, make them feel part of a group, specifically, of your brand. PlatformsOn which social networks could I post my brand’s personalized videos?In general, personalized videos are sent through digital advertising to specific segmentations that meet a criteria or an investigation in order for this public to feel identified with the content. The networks you can experiment with are: Youtube:This social network is present in 90 countries and is available for 80 different languages. According to YouTube itself, more than 1.9 billion users log into the platform every month. So it makes it ideal for experimenting with audiences on this platform.

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Facebook:This is a social network that is always reinventing itself and adapting to consumer needs that arise every day. Videos between 21 and 44 seconds are the most popular on this social network. Instagram:Here you can take advantage of the advertising in stories that lasts 15 seconds, although with the arrival of the reels the time can increase to 30 seconds.Web page:If you have contracted a hosting with enough storage space, you can bet on uploading your videos to your own website and directing all your traffic to a specific and oriented landing to receive all these users.What kind of content can be included in a custom video?Personalized invitations: People are much more likely to respond to a personalized invitation than a generic one. This content can be useful if you are close to the opening of an online event, the launch of a new product, etc. Campaigns on social networks: Depending on the type of campaign that has been created, personalized videos are a very effective tool when it comes to creating awareness, promoting the growth of user engagement with the brand or any cause and keeping the relationship with the users alive. themselves.The story of your brand: Personalized videos with brand stories are one of the best ways to attract the audience to the campaigns, products and new proposals that the company plans to launch. This is also a strategy that allows to humanize the brand and provide it with much more value to users. What is the key to succeed with this type of content? Here we share 5 tips that can be of great help when thinking about the correct handling of personalized videos in your content strategy: Create videos that generate interaction: The key is to create videos that users enjoy but at the same time feel they can share. For them, he looks for themes with which they can relate and that are useful to them.Play with emotions: In a video you can appeal to feelings and bet on receiving an emotional response from viewers.Be brief: The shorter the video, the better. Today users are inclined to content that helps them not only discover new products and services, but also those that help them save time.Apply storytelling to your videos: Great stories attract large groups of users. Create messages that are not seen as just another story, here creativity is what will allow you to win the hearts of your users.
Make your client your protagonist: Your content will achieve much more impact on users if they feel that you are talking specifically to them. What does not go with you is not taken into account, the world is full of more content than ever, so to win over your potential clients, you must make them feel like the central point of your story.In conclusion Personalized videos are one of the most effective video marketing strategies today, not only because they are a method with which you can connect with the user, but they can also be useful on multiple platforms.The key is that you have selected the type of content that will be included in the video, the duration, the story that you are going to tell, the person it will be directed to and finally the way in which the video will be integrated into your brand. It is a very useful format, which can help you reach your audience in the best way.

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