Personal Brand: create and work your brand step by step

You may very well have heard the term “personal branding” many times over the past few years. And is that one of the best ways to differentiate yourself and stand out as a professional in your sector is to work on your personal brand. Do you know how you can create your own personal brand and start working on it effectively? If you are thinking of creating your personal brand and starting to work on it, you are in the right place. In this post I am going to tell you everything you need to know to start working on your brand.
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What is personal branding?
If you search for information on the Internet about this term, you will be able to find different definitions of this concept, all very valid.

But basically, it could be said that personal Canada Phone Number List is the mark you leave on others. That is, what we are capable of generating in another person through who we are, what we share, what we say, what we transmit and what we do. Why should you work on your Personal Brand? Working on your personal brand is something that can help you stand out and stand out as a professional in your sector. This can help you whether you have a business, as if you work for someone else and want to promote or change to a job that you like more, or if you are looking for work. Because the personal brand contributes:
Differentiation. Your personal brand speaks of you and your values, making people who have similar values ​​to yours empathize and connect more with you and your brand.
Visibility. It is easier for them to find you and choose you when you are working on your personal brand.
Trust and credibility . Working on your personal brand will generate more confidence by being someone known in your sector.
Recognition . By working on your personal brand, you can also stand out as a professional in your sector, something that will make you recognized and well positioned.
How to create your Personal Brand?

Each personal brand is different because each person is unique and different from the others. To create your own personal brand you must follow these steps. Know yourself well.
This is the basis of your personal brand, if you do not know yourself well, you will not be able to create a coherent, transparent and reliable personal brand . Your personal brand must convey who you are , as a person and as a professional in your sector, transmitting your own values ​​and your own personality. To get to know yourself better and detect what your strengths and opportunities are, you can use the SWOT matrix (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities) which, although it is widely used for companies, is also valid for you. Here I share a post from a great professional and friend, Ana Trenza, who tells you about SWOT and gives you some examples of how to do a personal SWOT . Define what your goal is. Setting your goals is essential , not only to develop your personal brand , but for all areas of your professional and even personal life. This will allow you to better define the next steps to create your personal brand.
You can ask yourself some questions like:
What do I really want to achieve with my personal brand?
Where would I like to be in 10 years?
How can I help other people?
With the answer to these questions you can define your main objective and secondary objectives . Canada Phone Number List

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Remember that these objectives, to be well formulated, must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Temporary).
Select who you are going to address.
Addressing everyone is like hitting the road, we can’t reach so many people and it’s impossible for everyone to like us. But nothing happens, so you have to do is focus on those people who are related to you and who have a problem that you can solve .
It is important that you define who your potential client is and focus on reaching them to present yourself as a professional they can trust. And also take into account those people who can help you achieve your goals with collaborations or as ambassadors for your brand. mCreate a strategy for your personal brand. I’ve said it many times already, but I’ll say it one more time (well, many more times): Without strategy, there is no success. And you cannot work on your personal brand without a strategy that helps you draw a roadmap and that defines the actions that you are going to carry out to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.
If you do not have a strategy, it is very possible that you are wasting your time doing some actions that do not bring you anything or spending your money on actions that do not help you get closer to your goal. Your strategy must clearly define what are those actions that you are going to carry out, when they are going to be carried out, how they are going to be carried out and what you need to carry them out.

Also, keep in mind that this strategy will change over time because you will be achieving objectives, defining new objectives or changing your route to focus at all times on what suits you best. Are you interested in what you are reading?
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How to develop your Personal Brand?
To start developing your personal brand, there are some steps that you should take into account and that I detail below.

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Define your identity as a brand. It is important to start by creating a brand identity: logo, corporate colors, voice that you will use when communicating, graphic elements that represent you, values ​​that you are going to share, etc. All this is part of your identity as a brand and must be defined to facilitate that everything you communicate is consistent with the idea you want to convey and with your personality. In addition, it will also facilitate that as soon as a person who knows you sees your content, they identify you without having to see your name. My recommendation is that you delegate this to a person who really knows about personal branding to define all the elements and that they really convey what you want and not what you like. Select in which media you are going to have a presence. Once your brand identity is defined, you have to go one step further and define in which media you are going to have a presence to work on your personal brand. To do this, keep in mind that you can work:
Your blog.
Your LinkedIn account.
Your Instagram profile.
Your YouTube channel.
Your Twitter account.
Your Facebook fan page.
Your podcast.
Or any account in another social network or place on the Internet.
To define these channels it is important that you think not only about yourself and what you can manage, but also who you are going to address and in which channels it has a presence , since if we want to attract a client and we choose a channel in which it is not found, we will hardly get to it.

If you are going to start from scratch, my recommendation is that you choose 2 or 3 channels at most to start and once you have them well worked out, gradually expand. Going for everything from the beginning can be frustrating, however, by focusing, you can achieve your goals more easily.
Create and share the content of interest with your target Canada Phone Number List .
It is time to create that content that you are going to share on the channels you have selected to attract the attention of your target audience with educational, interesting, useful or entertaining content.
Ideally, you create a content strategy for each of the channels that you are going to use to clearly define what you are going to share and how you are going to share it. Keep in mind that not all channels are the same and that, therefore, they need a strategy that has to do with the channel itself and with your objective.

For example, on Instagram the content is very visual, so you will have to define a strategy based on images and videos. However, in your blog the text will be the protagonist, even if you also accompany it with visual content.
I recommend that you define in this section also the frequency with which you are going to share new content on each channel , taking into account the time you have to create quality content for each channel and the optimal frequency for each channel.
Network with other professionals.
Something that can be very useful when it comes to making yourself known and accelerating their getting to know you is networking with other professionals in your sector or in a sector complementary to yours.
It is not something that you should do for convenience, but because you really find that person interesting or pleasant.
You can collaborate with some professionals such as guest blogging , ask him to give you the opportunity to write on his blog, or conduct interviews or direct on social networks , where you can interview them or talk about a specific topic with him.
Of course, when you ask for a collaboration, that it is something beneficial for both (what would be called a win-win collaboration) and not something interested or that the only one who benefits from it is you.
Analyze the objective results and monitor your brand
It is very important that you do not take actions and that’s it, but that you analyze the results you have obtained with them to know what has worked and why it has worked, and what has not worked and why it has not worked.

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In this way, you can improve your strategy and the actions you take.
And as a personal brand , you should also monitor what other people are saying about you to know if you are really transmitting what you want or not.
To monitor, a free tool that is very useful and advisable is Google Alerts .
My experience with Personal Branding
From the first moment I knew that I had to work on my personal brand if I wanted to stand out as a good professional and for my business as a Social Media Manager to be well.
Right now there are many professionals from practically all sectors and professions, so it can sometimes be difficult to start working on it with all the competition that exists.
But the personal brand helps us precisely in this. To start working so that other people know us as professionals, trust us and see that we can be the solution to their problem or need.
Therefore, before launching my business as a freelancer, I began to work on my personal brand , to make myself known in the social media and social networks sector, sharing my experience and knowledge.
This meant that when I made the leap to freelance, I already had people interested in working with me . And that every day that I continue working on it, potential clients come to me who are interested in working with me or invite me to give training to their company or at events.

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