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Last year Google officially announced that it was going to take into account the main speed metrics of the Core Web Vitals , and a few months ago, already towards the end of the year, it officially announced that it was going to launch an update in reference to all this. This has been named by Google as the Page Experience Update and will arrive in May 2021 .This has caused quite a stir in the community since normally, when they announce an update of this caliber as it was in the past, penguin or panda, usually causes a lot of impact on the SEO positioning of the webs. Before continuing : Subscribe and receive the next articles on SEO and Ivory Coast Phone Number List  that we will publish in your email.To get an idea of ​​how important this update can be by Google and the impact it can have on the SERPs, is that only 12-13% of the pages meet all the metrics of the Core Web Vitals based on a study made by Screming Frog .The study carried out on 200,000 urls itself highlights us that:Only 12% for mobile devices pass Core Web Vitals.Only 13% of desktop devices stop Core Web Vitals.First Input Delay (FID) is negligible for desktops, 99% being considered correct and 89% for mobileLargest Contentful Paint (LCP) is only passed by 43% for mobiles and 44% for desktops .Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is only passed by 46% for mobiles and 44% for desktops .The urls in position 1 analyzed were 10% more likely to outperform Core Web Vitals compared to urls in position 9.But we are going to go into a little more detail about what all this is about the Core Web Vital, Google Page Experience Update and how we assume that all this will influence next May 2021 with the information we currently have.


What is the Google Page Experience Ivory-Coast Phone Number List ?The Google Page Experience Update is a new update that Google will launch in May 2021, where it will implement aspects related to the loading speed of the web and usability when ordering the results in the SERPS, that is, in the SEO positioning.These signs of user experience were already within the evolution that Google carried out when it comes to positioning websites, but now they will add new points that will be the metrics of the Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS). search page experience graphGoogle Search Center – What factors will be taken into account in the Page Experience Update?In this section we must differentiate between 2 main parts, the current signals and the new ones, whilethere is also a third point less popular but that we will also deal with.Current signs of experience on the pageWe currently have 4 points that are positive signals for the user experience, these are:Mobile-Friendly : the website is mobile responsive.Safe browsing : here it is important that your website does not have any type of malicious content to deceive or infect the user. More information .
protocol : that the contents of your website are served through the https security protocol, not only the url, but also all the files that can be loaded as files in css, js, images, etc. More information .Intrusive content : this point refers to popups that are loaded preventing the display of the page content. More information .intrusive contentNew signs of experience on the pageHere we are going to see what we are naming throughout the text, the main metrics of the Core Web Vitals :

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Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – Measures page load performance, specifically the time it takes to load the largest item. It must be less than 2.5 seconds to pass this metric.First Input Delay (FID) : measures the interactivity of the page, that is, the time it takes from when it isclicked until the browser responds. Itmust be less than 100 milliseconds.Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) : measures the visual stability of the page, that is, the total time of layerchange that occurs when the page loads. It must be less than 0.1 seconds to exceed this metric.You can read more about the Core Web Vital in this post where I explain these metrics in depth as well as give some tips and resources to improve them.Other influential aspects in the Page Experience UpdateIn addition to all these points, it seems that we will see improvements for sites that use Google Web Stories for mobile devices. Taking into account that it is one of the least worked options in the Hispanic world, it can be a strong advantage over other competitors in this type of device.I want to emphasize two things that Google comments , which qualify it as:A great new content experience in Search that currently emphasizes AMP resultsand add:When we roll out the page experience ranking update, we will also update the eligibility criteria for the Top Stories experience. AMP will no longer be required for stories to appear in Top Stories for mobile devices; it will be open to any page.This raises a new scenario and new content strategies that will very possibly strengthen the capture of traffic through Google Discover and mobile device searches.Why are all these factors so important in SEO?The web has more and more quality content, which is why this content is overbooked .

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This is something quite common and we can normally observe in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and / or Linkedin among other platforms, that is why they must create more restrictive measures when assessing which pages should be in the top positions of Google.As the web has grown, we have seen how these signals have been transformed through various points, such as the quality of the links, the quality of the content, the advertisements, etc.We are currently in that new change in trend and we are saying that content is king, when the trend is that content is going to cease to reign and the successor to the throne is the user .Facing those users that Google must take care of, it is forced to offer the best of the best, which is why it introduces these new measures.To be a bit more explicit, how many times have you experienced loading problems for the points mentioned above? I am sure that several times and you will not have felt very well.A typical example that still usually occurs on mobile devices and that with the new metrics must be solved, is the loading of an element that makes you miss a click :This personally usually happens to me a lot on mobile phones and it is something that bothers a lot in addition to wasting a lot of time, even sometimes I experience it on PC.Finally we have an economic factor on the part of Google. It increasingly requires more power and cost to track the amount of information on the web, which is why the best way to combat is by forcing the webs to be much faster in the loading process, which will allow them to to more information and process it much better saving millions in costs.How will it affect the SERPs?Currently it is unknown how it can affect the SERPs , but it is possible that the deployment will be carried out in phases and that after a short period of time a first update of the algorithm will be launched and a few months later we will see another drastic change which will be a phantom update or really confirm that it is a setting of this update.This process is likely to be the case as we have seen Google’s company act in similar ways with other algorithm updates.What we do know is that this change will be shown in the SERPs and tests are being carried out on how to indicate whether the pages are fast or not.

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