Have you never heard of the sales funnel? You may have noticed, while looking at the statistics and reports of your website, that even with a large number of monthly or annual visitors, the difference with respect to real customers is quite higThis can be caused by many aspects, perhaps you have a good web positioning, your SEO and SEM actions are good, but perhaps your website is not clear or attractive enough to convince those who enter. Perhaps you have positioned your website on keywords that are not optimal and you have a lot of traffic that does not search for your product.These are some of the things that can make your traffic ineffective and you don’t have the customers you would like. Some of them are controllable, others on the contrary, not. However, there are many measures to ensure that the number of visitors and customers is as close as possibleThe sales funnel, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, is the path that visitors travel, from the moment they enter your website until they finally end up buying your products or requesting your services. It is called a sales funnel because, as you may have already noticed, not all visitors end p becoming customers, many fall along the way, so the graph resembles a funnel.The funnel is divided into a series of steps that are each of the phases the customer goes through from the moment they visit your website until they finally finish making the purchase.
2. Business Benefits of Sales Funnel AutomationFollowing a free online mobile phone directory uk strategy aimed at automating the funnel, so that it is increasingly difficult to allocate fewer resources to convert a user into an end customer, will entail a series of quite important added benefits for your company, such as:


The final customers will be mature customers, those who pass all the phases of the funnel, they will be customers who are really interested in hiring your product or service, they will be customers of a high quality and whom you will have to take care of, because they are probably willing to execute a buyback . Always remember this famous phrase, “it is cheaper to retain a customer than to get a new one”If the funnel process is automated, and you are able to capture a more or less fixed number of visitors who end up becoming customers, the conversion will become cheaper and you will see how little by little the number of customers is increasing.The flow of potential customers that you will get will be very important for your company, many of them will become real customers.Studying the graphs of the sales funnel will help you establish a more accurate sales forecast, where you can also compare the sales of various periods by analyzing the corresponding funnels for each one.These are just some of the many benefits that you will obtain following a strategy aimed at improving the sales funnel.capture3. Phases of the sales funnelOnce the concept and its advantages are understood, we will go on to analyze its phases.3.1. AttractionThe first step of the funnel is attraction. The objective of this step is to attract as many visitors as possible, but not just any of them are of any use to us, the visitors we want are those who are interested in the products or services of our sector and would be willing to purchase them if they suit their needs. Those visitors who leave your page within seconds of entering, or because you are not able to capture them due to lack of clarity or attractiveness on your website, or because they are users who have entered your website but are not interested in your services, bring the opposite effect to that which is sought, since in addition to increasing the size of the funnel, it brings harmful effects to the SEO of our website. Online UK Phone Number List is the tool that has more weight in this step, combining strategies of social profiles, corporate blog,

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3.2. InteractionThose who finally inquire about your page and are moderately interested in your offer, will carry out some type of interaction with you, or through a contact form, an email, by phone … there are many contact forms with which you can convince them of the suitability of your offer and get them to end up contracting with you instead of with any other competitor that offers a substitute product. In this step is where customer service takes weight, doubts or questions that assail your visitors before hiring have to be resolved so that they are fully convinced of the purchase.3.3. ConversionThose users who have been satisfied with what they have seen or heard, will be willing to make a first purchase, so that they will be trusting you to test the product or service. As you already know, you cannot settle for this, you have to retain these customers, making them buy again and also, why not, bring several new customers with them.3.4. LoyaltyThe way to take care of customers who have made a purchase to gain loyalty is to treat them well, Make quality calls worrying about the usefulness of the product or service, offer promotions or discounts for seniority or for repurchase …4. How to optimize the sales funnelAll the regular customers of our company have gone through all these steps, the ideal is to reduce the size difference between the last step and the first as much as possible. So that the number of visitors is similar to that of end customers. How could we reduce this difference? There are measures you can follow to try to reduce the distance, among them are:4.1. Attractive and updated websiteThe web is your gateway, when they enter it they should be satisfied that they clicked on your link. Keep it updated and always with clear messages to create the least possible doubts for users. Once you get a beautiful website with clear messages, position it. Optimize your SEO strategy, create ads in Google adwords, create a corporate blog to offer your visitors the latest news about your sector or your company … If you achieve this, you will have a high traffic of users who are interested in your product, and if you web is optimized, you will ensure that they do not flee after two seconds.4.2. Strong online marketing strategyMany companies think that online marketing is not effective and do not dedicate resources to this tool. User traffic comes through online marketing, if you are not able to position your website, you do not invest in SEM, you do not have social profiles … your website will be a desert through which a passerby will rarely appear.

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4.3. Create a NewsletterFor those who are already clients, it will be good to hear from you from time to time. Create a newsletter with moderate frequency (you should not abuse spam emails either) offering discounts or promotions and you will see how your customers appreciate it.4.4. Efficient customer serviceThe doubts that your offer generates and your website is incapable of solving, you must be able to solve them. Customer service is essential especially for companies that are based on web pages, since many people need to know that there is someone behind that page and that is why they contact you. It offers innovative customer service services such as live chat or click to call, tools with which your visitors can contact you in an original and totally free way.4.5. Look for happy customer reviewsCustomers who are happy with your services or your product are the ones to leave a positive review. Do not be shy, if they are satisfied you can ask for them without problems, many will leave their grain of sand, since other visitors who read the reviews will be safer when hiring you. In any case, beware of falsifying reviews, they may notice and have the opposite effect to what we are looking for.5. ConclusionAs you can see, converting visitors into customers is not too simple a task, in addition the competition on the Internet is brutal and there will be hundreds of companies fighting for the top positions in search engines and offering the same as you, however, following these steps it will be easier to attract customers and thus reduce the difference between steps.

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