Online marketing to increase trends about brands

After the publication of our previous article “Online Marketing, king of marketing strategy in 2009”, we highlighted the forecasts on the increase in investments in online marketing, mainly in SEO Marketing (search engine optimization), e-mail marketing, in social networks and pay-per-click campaigns.Online Advertising and Marketing strategies will not only be aimed at promoting professional products or services but will also have an impact on the creation and promotion of their own brands, increasing their visibility on the internet through all kinds of supports or tools. , as well as in the increase in the participation of companies in social media where many brands have already begun to actively and continuously participate.The result of the sum of all the successful is there a mobile phone directory in australia strategies can be reflected on the internet thanks to the analysis or comparison of the trends of different brands. Trends that somehow indicate their impact, popularity, relevance and visibility in this digital medium with a clear impact on real life.Thanks to tools such as ” Insights for Search ” we can analyze different patterns in searches that can help us discover the trends associated with the most popular brands. A very helpful and useful tool for marketers to better understand search behavior and trends.


To put this theory into Australia Phone Number List , we have resorted to using this tool to collate and compare some popular brands. In the first case, we have resorted to comparing some of the best-known luxury brands. Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace or Calvin Klein are some of the brands analyzed with this trend tool that reveals that “Chanel” is the most popular brand in terms of volume of searches on the internet.In the following analysis we have compared sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Fila, where clearly Nike is positioned as the “star brand” and the most popular in terms of search volume.In the mobile technology sector, popular brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola or Siemens show the trends associated with these brands and where the leadership and growth of brands such as Nokia and Samsung can be seen, unlike Motorola and Siemens that during the last two years have reduced their popularity showing a decreasing trend.However, the validity of these data may be conditioned or vary according to different measurement parameters since the results obtained do not determine the real value of the brand itself, business volumes, sales, economic benefits, etc … However, they make it clear that their brands are popular and that consumers use the Internet to reach them.

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