Online consumers prefer to buy products from brands they already know

We live in a globalized world, where there are no borders between online and offline; allowing consumers to access a greater amount of information, and to compare products and discover new brands. However, when deciding to buy, 60% of online consumers clearly opt for the products of the brands they already know. A practice that extends globally, according to the Nielsen survey on purchase intention for new products. Consumers love trying new products, according to the data in the study, but they don’t show the same enthusiasm when it comes to embracing a new brand. According to Rob Wengel, Senior Vice afghanistan directory of Nielsen Innovation Analytics, brands must strive to strengthen brand awareness, in order to be able to get closer to the consumer; and launching test campaigns for new products, as well as ensuring that the customer has a positive experience. In this way, you will get consumers to speak well of the brand in their environment, and thereby expand its relevance, with the support of the best influencers: satisfied customers.


Among the data reflected in the study, carried out on a sample of more than 29,000 Internet users, distributed in 58 countries, it stands out that trust is one of the Afghanistan Phone Number List characteristics that consumers appreciate globally. Therefore, brands must demonstrate that they are deserving of this favorable treatment and always remain at the forefront of the sector. They must bet on innovation, to surpass themselves and always offer their customers the highest quality and guarantee, as well as surprise with new products that meet their needs. All this supported by a marketing strategy that fosters said trust and motivates its public to recommend the brand to new clients, in order to expand its radius of influence.According to Wegel, 77% of those surveyed admit that they take into account the opinion of their family or friends, through social networks; while 67% look for information in other online sources, such as reviews. At a general level, the participants in the survey indicate that they take into account the information they find on the internet when buying food and drinks; hygiene and personal care products.Definitely, brands must know how to gain the trust of their target audience, make a dent in the consumer’s mind and get their product to be chosen. To achieve this, they must work to stand out from the competition, bet on quality and offer an impeccable service, which allows them to retain customers and get referred.

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