Offers Facebook: The new commercial tool of the network

Last Updated January 7th, 2020 at 11:22 amFacebook finally installed the Deals tool after a few months of testing. For a few weeks, all fan pages with more than 400 fans can offer their customers discounts and promotions through their publications. Facebook Offers have a base cost of $ 5.What are these Offers about? It is a simpler and more effective way of communicating the promotions that a brand offers through its page. In addition, they have a greater reach than any people mobile canada , since they can be seen by the friends of the fans of the page.Prior to launch, Facebook had worked with a small group of business pages to analyze the results of this new tool. These companies were able to provide Offers free of charge and, as expected, they were remarkably successful. One of the most successful test cases was that of the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel offered a US $ 110 credit plus VIP passes to Haze Nightclub for all guests who booked two nights in a given period. Thanks to this new tool, Aria received a total of 671 bookings for 1,585 nights.


Facebook Offers open a new path to new business opportunities on the social network. Like Canada Phone Number List Ads, they are a new channel for disseminating and advertising products and services.LivesOn: Tweet foreverLast Updated August 5th, 2015 at 06:03 pmHave you ever wondered what would happen to your precious Twitter account once you’ve passed away? Someone already thought of you. LivesOn is an application that will allow you to continue tweeting once “your heart stops beating.”It is an application that, upon registration, analyzes our tweets, the way we write and the topics we write about. The data collected will be used, in the future, to continue tweeting as if it were us. The application will learn about our tastes, our opinions and our most recurring topics. Yes, the only thing that was missing for them to invent …The application will be launched next March. All we have to do is designate an “executor” who authorizes LivesOn to start Tweeting. Enter here if you want to receive more information.

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