Mothers are especially active in sharing and recommending products

Millennial mothers, those born between 1978 and 1994, share a large amount of information about products and services, and are more willing than average mothers to indicate on social media that they like a product or service free switzerland phone number . Recommend it, retweet it or re-pin it, according to a recent study by consultancy Weber Shandwick.Given this inclination to share, it is not surprising that many companies turn to them for their opinions. In fact, “millennial” mothers acknowledge that they are contacted an average of 9 6 times a month to give their opinion, compared to 6.3 times for an “average” mother.Asked how often other people contact them to ask for their opinion when making the decision to buy one product or another, 55% of millennial mothers say that this happens with high frequency, compared to 39% of mothers. mothers as a whole.All of this suggests that this demographic influence is quite broad, which should encourage companies to connect with them, if they are not already doing so. Still, advertisers can’t connect as easily. According to the study, “millennial” mothers are more inclined than average mothers to believe that “most marketing and advertising is not intended for women like me” (42% vs. 36%).


And who are these “women like me”? The study points out several data on how the mothers of this Switzerland Phone Number List are, their lifestyle and their way of thinking, suggesting the following:32% are single, or having never been married or not sharing a home with any partner, compared to 16% of mothers in general.One in 3 is the main source of income for their households, compared to 26% of mothers in general.30% are full-time employees and 35% define themselves as housewives.26% would pay a monthly amount to someone to organize their lives (in the study that amount was 50 dollars), compared to 15% of mothers in general.One in 4 share their daily shopping basket decisions with someone else, compared to 20% of mothers overall.

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