Mobile phones are transforming the shopping experience in traditional stores

The smartphone has become a way to boost sales, and we are not only talking about cell phone prices in thailand commerce, but also offline. This has been confirmed by the latest work carried out by the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council; a team made up of Google and various marketing agencies.According to Mobile In-Store Research, consumers who use their mobile to search for product information, buy up to 25% more in stores. This makes the smartphone a great support for merchants, who have to study this new behavior on the part of their customers, and develop strategies to be able to capture them.8 out of 10 smartphone users use their devices at least once a month within the store to obtain more data about the product that interests them. This happens in a large part of the packaged product categories, such as small appliances (97%), food (89%), baby products (87%), electronics (87) and home maintenance (86%) .


The Thailand Phone Number List also plays a positive role in increasing the shopping cart. The report indicates that the direct consequence of an average increase of 50% in the value of the purchase of beauty and personal care products. Growth is also evident, although to a lesser degree, in other sectors, such as small household appliances (40%), electronic appliances (34%) and household products (25%).Smart devices act as the best salespeople and business advisers. About half of smartphone users spend at least 15 minutes inside the store to learn more details about the products that interest them. Even 1 in 3 customers prefer to obtain information on their mobile phone, rather than resort to the store staff.Among other advantages, respondents highlight agility as the main reason that makes them turn to their pocket device for help when deciding to buy a product; Approximately 40% of mobile consumers indicated that since they used their mobile for information, instead of asking salespeople, they had reduced the time they spend making their purchases.A piece of information that aims to give confidence to those businesses that fear that their customers will come to try the product on, to later buy it on sites like Amazon, a fear that in some cases has led them to take drastic measures, to the point of wanting to ” charge for looking “. However, the dreaded ” showrooming ” can be considered a great ally for physical establishments. It is a matter of merchants changing the chip and beginning to see smartphones as an ally, rather than a terrible threat.

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