Mixed audiences in Google Ads: tips to learn how to use them

The combined audiences in Google Ads have provided fresh and innovative air for SEM campaigns. Thanks to them, you can combine different types of segmentation to show ads to potential customers .Do you want to know its ins and outs? Take note of these valuable tips to create and implement audiences for your projects and make Google Ads another tool that helps you improve customer acquisition . What are combined audiences in Google Ads Merge audience selection Google Ads audiences allow you to create different audiences for your ads . The technique consists of combining several segmentation elements: age, sex, place of residence, affinities or purchase intention, among many others. Now, advertising companies can require that their ads only show to people who are in two or more specific audiences. When working with audiences, it is common to use the OR, NOT or AND directives. The first two were used to direct or exclude large audiences in a campaign, something that has evolved with AND. The new paradigm facilitates the combinations of existing audiences in the market. In search campaigns, this preference Peru Phone Number List overlaps with selected campaign keywords. Only users who meet the criteria set in the combined audiences searching for the specified keywords will see the ads.

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Of course, to squeeze the full potential of the combined audiences it is vital to put together a complete and effective Buyer Persona . Having this concept properly studied will allow you to create more productive audiences.  Peru Phone Number List  Why should you use these types of hearings? First, because now the segmentation of your target audience will become a faster and more concrete process. Thanks to this, you will be able to know where you have to invest a good part of your budget for paid campaigns. You can work on this by changing ad bids by hand or by creating a specific campaign with its own budget for your new combined audiences. Combined audiences in Google Ads will allow account managers to design audience-centric structures. The segmentations that these new audiences will allow will expand the reach of the campaign without wasting the budget on the wrong users. The exposure of multiple ads will also be limited to users who meet multiple parameters.

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As Google continues to apply more advanced audience targeting options, buyer personas will become more specific. This leads to the increasing importance of blended audiences for SEM campaigns. Thus, keyword-centric campaigns could lead to more audience-centric structures. Data on how well or poorly these audiences are performing are currently very scarce.The test with the highest impact was conducted by digital marketer Steven Johns in November 2019. In it, the conversion rate increased from 6% (using only purchase intention) to 20% (combination of purchase intention, excluded audience and user demographics). How to create merged audiences in Google AdsTo have your own combined audience, you just have to follow the procedure shown below: Access Google Ads. In the menu on the left, you have to go to Audiences and select All Audiences.

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