Millennials vs Generation Z: how they shop on the Internet

The differences between Millennials vs Generation Z when buying online are many and varied. Sometimes these two market niches are confused with each other. But the reality is that both have their own peculiarities and their own vision of the world . When it comes to Internet shopping, the differences become very apparent in terms of purchasing behavior . Although at first it may seem that Generation Z should be more likely to use the smartphone for purchases and payments, the reality is that Millennials are the main users of these devices. In fact, according to an Epsilon survey, young people born between 1995 and 2015 prefer to go to physical establishments. And it is Millennials who most use online shopping via mobile. For the latter, not having to travel and receive the item at home has a lot of weight. However, Generation Z prefers the store due to the immediacy of the acquisition and the social component of being able to go with friends.What are the traits that determine the preferences of each generation and what motivates them will help to better understand the differences when buying online between Millennials vs Generation Z.1.- Generation Z: digital natives Generation Z encompasses all those individuals who were born after 1994. Although millennials constitute one of the age groups with the greatest potential for consumption, the future of brands is definitely tied to Generation Z.
The main characteristic of this generation is that they are digital native users. In other words, they were born “connected” uae telephone directory search by phone number   and have grown hand in hand with technologies. Furthermore, they are self-taught and learn at breakneck speed.  Therefore, they are able to handle several screens at the same time without difficulty. They are also characterized by being a very creative and goal-oriented generation .

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Thanks to the influence of video games , this generation has a great spirit of self-improvement. They like to feel part of a group and contribute ideas and originality. If Millennials vs Generation Z are compared, the latter,  UAE Phone Number List  having grown up during an economic crisis, have a greater awareness of social problems and are more concerned about the environment. Within their way of seeing the world, for them there is no dream that cannot be fulfilled. For this reason, many turn their hobby into a source of income.

They are very picky about the brands they follow and research deeply before buying; not only the product or the services, they also investigate the brand itself.

Being very aware and being very reactive towards the world, it is a difficult audience to impact in advertising terms . Even so, brands know that the future is in Generation Z. For this reason they take great pains to find the right channels and languages ​​to reach them.The best way to understand Gen Z is data. How they operate on the Internet, what types of devices they use and how they do it gives some clue about the way they consume:The 81% of young people of Generation Z smatphone use to surf the Internet. They use social networks very frequently, which are an important part of how they communicate with others. Their form of communication is usually primarily visual . Thanks to their great capacity for conceptualization, they adapt better to images and symbols because it is easier for them to capture the messages that way. Therefore, the main networks they use are Instagram , YouTube, Vine and Periscope.

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