Millennials are often more inclined to use the potential of all technologies to make life more comfortable.

Even so, if the entire set of both generations is taken into account, 7 out of 10 consumers buy online via mobile phone. Although this figure is slightly higher in Millennials. What do they spend the money on Another issue that distinguishes Millennials vs. Generation Z is the type of products they usually consume. In this sense, the youngest group usually spends their money mainly on clothes (55%), Books (55%), applications (52%) and games (50%). Millennials, however, are the generational group that spends the most money on travel and leisure. They also give high priority to tech products. In fact, they are totally dependent on the mobile device. In addition, Generation Z has not yet started their working life, so they have less purchasing power. However, they have a notable consumption, so brands strive to reach these target audiences now. Advertising and the purchase decision of Millennials vs Generation Z Regarding advertising,  dubai phone directory search  when comparing Millennials vs Generation Z, the first thing that stands out is that the first group is much more difficult to retain.

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The research they do before purchasing a product or service goes much deeper. In addition, they always go to the opinions of other users before making a decision. Although both groups like video advertising, it is true that Gen Z is not much of a fan of traditional advertising. If a brand wants to reach them effectively,  UAE Phone Number List  it must be more humane and close. For this reason, emotional marketing is of great importance for this group.In any case, both generations are very demanding with the brands. They are looking for a type of advertising that is not limited to selling a product or service, or explaining why it is the best company in the world. They want to be sure that brands have social responsibility and care about them. You have already seen what the buying habits of Millennials vs Generation Z are on the Internet. Now, do you know what your niche is and how to reach it? If you are still not sure, or need help with any marketing leg, it is time for you to contact professionals . In Antevenio you have the solution.

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