Microblogging: What are they? what are they for? What is the difference with blog? Benefits and platforms to use.

What is microblogging?Microblogging is the way of transmitting information belonging to a blog in a reduced way. The texts that are disclosed in this format are between 120 and 280 characters, can be used in different media and be accompanied by photos, videos or links.What are the benefits of a microblogging?Microblogging strategies are essential in order to establish connections with the modern audience. There are many benefits to be gained from putting this type of information into practice:1. Consistency in publicationsIf the publications are frequent it is much better. With the help of microblogging, companies can share content faster and create better connections with customers.2. Reduction of content creation timeThere are many brands that struggle to have a content plan full of extensive articles ready. Microblogging serves as a unification of various formats, such as infographics, videos, etc.3. Real-time publicationThanks to microblogging, brands can share news and other topics instantly, good for time-limited sales and promotions.4. Immediate actionThe platforms that offer us the possibility of microblogging have been developed focusing on their usability. The ability of a tweet or an Instagram photo to capture fleeting moments is incredible and attractive to the public, as they become a solution to long textsWhat is the difference between blog and microblog?As the word says, a microblog is much smaller than a blog . In the second, data can be organized chronologically, since it is a much larger information space. Another key difference between these two is that platforms such as wordpress are often used for blogging . Microblogging is mostly used on social networks like Tumblr and Twitter, where it has become a trend.The content is something that also helps to differentiate both formats, since the time that is used for its creation and its uniqueness (short or long), which goes hand in hand with the free mobile phone database in which it is being published, is different in both cases.Finally there is accessibility . Microblogging can be easily understandable on a mobile device, while blogging requires more angles and data to be processed.

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What is the role of microblogging in content UK Phone Number List ?We are in a time of “brevity”, every day people have less time to make decisions, that is why people prefer the instantaneous over the complex and extensive. This rule is also applicable in the creation of content for a digital marketing strategy. It is from this idea that microblogging arises ; from the need to have a much faster communication for those who want to cover several topics in a short time. For a company or brand, it will always be important to attract the audience through quick and effective solutions, and if it is entertaining, the better, as well as making sure not to bore your audience with constant product announcements and discounts that are accompanied by a link.Microblogging is to be used to provide short, good and attractive solutions to the public, through CTA’s, small articles, attractive content and interesting stories that attract the audience. Iwhich networks can microblogging be done?There are many networks that can be used to create small pieces of information with which the public can be reached, among these are the most popular, for example:

Main networksTwitterThis platform is considered the number one in microblogging, since it is characterized by reaching users quickly and directly, the same qualities that define microblogging. Another factor is the fact that the network includes the limitation of reaching the maximum of 480 characters.TumblrIt is the second most used network for microblogging, it stands out for allowing users to create visually attractive posts in a simple, fast way and that allow interaction with other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, among others.Secondary networksInstagramIt is considered an application that allows to create microblogging visually. Users can publish experiences through audiovisual material, which can be accompanied by a short description that is understandable to users. Facebook Facebook is an optional network, ideal if what you are looking for is to generate loyalty and impulse with your texts. You can take advantage of publications to share small formats of information that redirect the user to other pages where there is much more extensive content. Examples of microblogging:Tweets:Tweets are a clear example of summary information, which is kept in the maximum range of characters and is usually accompanied by images, links or videos.examples of microblogging on twitterTumblr Blogs:The application was installed in the microblogging world from the beginning, allowing users to share pieces of information, making it even a social experience. Although there is no word limit on the platform, the most used format is that of summarized information.examples of microblogging on tumblrMicroblogging on InstagramMicroblogging on Instagram increases your chances of getting more followers and increasing your page engagement. In this social network you can take advantage of stories as blog tools, just make sure you give it an artistic and unique sense with which you can narrate in a few words.microblogging examples on InstagramIn conclusion….Microblogging is a short and concise technique that helps you reach your audience in a much more frequent and simple way. Especially now that users have a much faster search pace and are looking for solutions instantly. Twitter and Tumblr are the main tools that allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of microblogging. These benefits include consistency between posts, reduced time to create content, and consistency in publishing.

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