Methods for choosing products to sell on Amazon FBA

If you want to start selling on the most popular ecommerce platform on the planet, you have to know which are the most effective products for Amazon FBA .

This way you will be clear about what you can offer to consumers and you will be sure that they will be accepted by this company. Amazon has its own requirements and policies, especially for people who want to become sellers.

Therefore,  Ecuador Phone Number List     it is very important that you know them because among them there is a list of products that you cannot market on this platform.

For that reason, it is essential that you know some methods that can help you when choosing products for Amazon FBA. This will undoubtedly make your job as a seller on this platform easier and will help you get good results.

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Discover the benefits of selling on Amazon FBA
Benefits of selling on Amazon FBAAmazon is one of the most important marketplace platforms in the world. Its excellent customer service,    Ecuador Phone Number List     its shipping policy and the huge variety of products offered make it a great ecosystem in which sellers can open their business to a much wider market.

In addition, it offers a large number of tools and functionalities to make online sales much more productive. Including a high level of reliability to make secure purchases. Working with products for Amazon FBA has a number of advantages:

Increase sales because Amazon FBA automatically gives the seller credibility and gives confidence to users. This is because, in general terms, consumers consider that this company provides excellence and quality service.
You will not require a virtual store , since Amazon FBA gives you the possibility of not worrying about that. This prestigious marketplace has a high level of visibility and brand image.
It allows you to expand internationally, since Amazon reaches practically every corner of the world. In fact, retailers have the ability to create a list of products on any local Amazon to try and reach a market segment.
Selling on Amazon is very simple so, if you want to be a seller, you can carry out the procedures in a practical way and the cost is not high.
This company takes care of the management, especially Amazon FBA, because it facilitates the sales process. In addition, it ranges from storage to administration and distribution of the product to buyers.
It allows you to enhance your brand, since on Amazon FBA you have the opportunity to sell products of your own brand. So you will not only get benefits from your products but you will gain greater visibility .
When selling through Amazon FBA your products will be classified as “prime” . This means that the user who buys your product will not have to pay shipping costs. Additionally, you have the possibility of receiving it the next day.
Learn how to select products for Amazon FBA
If you want to succeed in this marketplace, it is best that you know the best techniques to choose products for Amazon FBA. In this way, you will be able to offer your customers products adapted to their needs and to the platform.

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1.- Check the list of Amazon’s best-selling products
List of Amazon Bestsellers

The first thing you have to do is look for the list of the best sellers on Amazon. So you will know what consumers prefer. You have the possibility to consult the different categories to find the products that best suit you want to offer.

One of the recommendations in this first point is that you try to eliminate seasonal items. In this way, you will not be limited to certain times of the year but will be able to maintain consistency throughout the year.

2.- Avoid extremes
What extremes are you referring to? When choosing products for Amazon FBA, you should try to stay away from items that are extremely popular or extremely specialized.

Keep in mind that if they are in high demand, the competition is greater. In case they are specific products for a market niche, you may have complications when it comes to finding buyers .

So at this point in your planning you have to analyze the items that best suit you before making a decision.

3.- Look for smaller, lighter and more durable products
Light products

When selecting the products you want to sell on Amazon FBA, you have to avoid oversized and very heavy items. These usually have high shipping costs that will affect your profit margins.

For this reason, it is advisable to opt for products smaller and lighter that can be placed in a box. In this way, the shipping cost will be lower and it will not affect your profits.

Also, consider durable items that arrive in good condition to avoid complaints from customers and senders.

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4.- Work with easy and cheap products to manufacture
Avoid complications when choosing the products you want to sell on Amazon FBA. So the recommendation is that you opt for those that are easier and cheaper to manufacture, since your chances of obtaining a considerable profit will be greater.

It is about finding articles that represent greater profit for you without losing quality or moving away from your market niche.

5.- Study the classification of sellers and the sales history of the product
Keepa analysis tool

Another key factor when choosing the products you want to sell is studying the sales history, either through CamelCamelCamel or Keepa.

This is essential so that you have knowledge of how a product is performing during a certain period. This way you will know if the article has had a constant or short-lived popularity.

It is also important that you evaluate the seller’s rating. In this way, you will know how many units of the product your competitors are moving. In this case, the Jungle Scout software can help you, as this extension allows you to analyze Amazon’s competition.

6.- Have an open mind to different ideas
Probably, when you start your search for products for Amazon FBA, you already have established what you want to sell.

However, it is appropriate that you keep an open mind, do not close yourself to potential articles. You have to evaluate them and analyze why it is a good product, you are not guided only by whether you like it or not.

7.- Think about the idea of ​​being a private label seller
You can choose to combine private label selling with Amazon FBA. This is an excellent idea because you will be working with profitable products. You can give it your focus and then have the company take care of the rest.

This allows you to take a product that is selling well and put it back on the market with a twist .

Products you can sell on Amazon FBA
Products for Amazon FBA

You already know the techniques to select a good product for Amazon FBA. But it is also very important that you know what are the items that you can sell through this platform, so take note of this list:

Books: although technology is gaining strength, there are still people who prefer to have a physical book. And although many sellers may not know it, this is a very busy market. For example, you can start by selling used books.
Video games : in this era where electronic games are becoming more popular every day, it is an excellent option for sale. The best thing is that there is a wide range and with different costs. Some are usually very high and, therefore, consumers are always looking for offers.
Legos – Legos are in high demand, especially by people who have large collections. That is why old or antique pieces are the most sought after. So this is a good market to try your luck.
Sports shoes: This is another option highly sought after by consumers of both genders. It may be because there are not good shoe stores everywhere. In Amazon you can offer this type of product with its specific characteristics for different sports or, you can specialize in one or two types of them.
Clothing and accessories: people are always interested in acquiring a new garment. So selling clothes and accessories is a good idea to attract buyers. They are reliable products that you can sell with ease.
Cosmetics: products related to care and beauty are also in high demand by consumers. These are usually lightweight items, so this is a good thing if you want to trade with them.
It markets products with great profitability
Market products on Amazon

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Now you know how to choose the products you want to sell on Amazon FBA, as well as the ones that are most profitable to market. You just have to start looking for products according to the audience you want to reach.

If you sell personal brand items but you also want to try those on this platform, keep in mind that they must be related. The idea is that you select products that generate good profits, so avoid those that are very heavy or more expensive to manufacture.

Do not go for those who have too much competition and less if you are starting in this world of ecommerce . It’s about doing a good study and choosing the items that suit you best.

In case you need extra help, at Antevenio we offer you our Amazon Ads performance service . With which you can attract users who are interested in buying on this popular platform. What are you waiting to do the test with us?

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