Meet Promoted Trend Spotlight, the new advertising format on Twitter

Promoted Trend Spotlight is the latest news that Twitter has just launched . You can see this new option of the microblogging network by clicking on the ” Explore ” option . This is a new Twitter acquisition ad unit. The launch of Promoted Trend Spotlight is recent in most countries. But as usual in this social networks it has already been tested in some areas. In this case, since last year it was already operating in Japan and the United States. This new advertising space is presented under the name Promoted Trend Spotlight or also as Spotlight. And the ad is presented to users at the top of the tab. Its purpose is to allow companies to advertise in this section. The chosen location is not by chance. Not surprisingly, the ” Explore ” option has become the preferred place for Twitter users when looking for content. The appearance of Promoted Trend Spotlight on this network is no accident. Advertising is strategic for Twitter. In fact, their ability to dominate the social media context is less and less. And, in this case, advertising is vital. Trends in social networks indicate that the increase in users on this network is less and less. Uruguay Phone Number List Although it is a space in which immediacy plays a more important value than in others, its survival in relation to other social networks is increasingly difficult. Last year the monthly user figures on Twitter were 330 million compared to 2.375 million users on Facebook. The reality is that the empire of this latest social network continues to dominate the context of social media. Not only that.

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The two star networks of Facebook follow him at the top: WhatsApp with 1.6 billion users and Instagram with one billion monthly users connected in the world. Faced with this scenario, advertising formulas such as Promoted Trend Spotlight are essential for the survival of Twitter. Thus, one of the advantages provided by this new advertising option is that it responds to the philosophy of this network. And it doesn’t  Uruguay Phone Number List   require a great digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, the way Promoted Trend Spotlight is presented is not hostile to the user. The perception that one has is to be seen as one more element within the contents that are explored. Another positive aspect of Promoted Trend Spotlight is that the advertising carried out impacts much more and the recall rates of the campaigns are higher in this space . It has been decided to place Promoted Trend Spotlight in the ” Explore ” tab as users spend 26% more time here than in other Twitter spaces.But the operation of Promoted Trend Spotlight is similar to that of the promoted trends of Twitter. This tool supports different content formats for advertising. In Promoted Trend Spotlight you will find videos, static images and even GIFs of up to 6 seconds . The ad placement is located at the top of the tab. In this way, the first thing the Twitter user will see when entering it will be the ad.

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