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The success of a community manager begins with good management of social networks and great creativity to generate engagement with the public, but every community manager uses essential and necessary tools to carry out each of their tasks on a day-to-day basis.Do you want to know what are the main tools to manage social networks that can be used for your retail business?More and more social networks are a very powerful means of communication to reach the target audience, which is why every community manager has to carry out a good strategy and management in their social networks to find results. Here are some of the most used community manager tools that allow you to work on content, interact with the community, analyze the competition, schedule content, and measure retail results:Hootsuite : One of the most popular tools for social media management. Hootsuite is a tool where you can manage multiple accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, etc) and schedule all the content of each social network from the same platform. It also allows you to monitor hashtag, manage messages and mentions, etc. In each column you can add what interests you the most.This tool is of great help when you have created a content calendar for your networks and you can schedule everything that you have pending during a period.china mobile phone number  community-manager-hootsuite-toolsOnlypult : It is one of the many tools for scheduling content on Instagram. You can manage several profiles from the tool and it also allows you to download reports to draw conclusions from this social network. community-manager-onlypult-toolsFeedly : If you want to be up-to-date, this platform is used by most community managers for content curation.You can incorporate all the websites or blogs that are interesting for your company and also classify them by different themes. Only by entering the platform will you be able to see all the news on each website instantly. In this way you will save a lot of time, since you will see the interesting contents in a more organized and faster way, and you will not have to go to each website or The Public : Another of the most used tools to generate content. With it, you can investigate what topics related to your brand the community is talking about and can be interesting for social publicLikeAlyzer : Essential tool to analyze the Fan Pages of your competition. With it youwill get a very complete report to draw conclusions about how other companies are doing and you can drawconclusions about : It allows us to analyze a Twitter account and give us relevant information such as the messages that are published, the days and hours, with whom it relates, etc. It is a very useful tool for conducting a profile : It is a very useful tool to obtain information about the use of hashtag and carry out a complete analysis of the use of a specific hashtag or obtain ideas related to the topic we are talking about. community-manager-keyhole-tools

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Facebook China Phone Number List  Analytics : It is the Facebook analytics system. Having the Fan Page you can make a complete report on the statistics of the periods you choose, data such as reach, interactions, followers, best times and days of publication, etc. If you want to make a report for social networks, visit this link .community- manager-facebookanalytics-toolsTwitter Analytics : It is the analytical system of Twitter. As in Facebook, you can get a very complete report with all the statistics that it gives you: mentions, retweets, followers, Tabs : This tool is necessary for conducting sweepstakes or contests. If you manage a large community, it will be very difficult for you to control all the requirements to be met by each of the participants.With this tool you will be able to add all the bases to carry out in the contest and a winner will be selected at random. With this you will be able to demonstrate to the community that thegiveaway or contest has been carried out in a professional mannercommunity-manager-cooltabs-toolsBitly : It is one of the most popular URL shorteners in the digital world. This tool will allow you to cut URLs to add to your publications with even modifications to the text. It also provides you with data once the links have been incorporated that you can see in real : It has become one of the most popular tools for image design. It’s a tool for making quick and easy designs for social media creatives if you don’t have any knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator.canva-community-manager-toolsFreepik : It is a bank of vectors, images and photographs that has become very popular to obtain images of different themes that we want to use on social networksfreepik-community-manager-tooThese are some of the tools to manage social networks that help a Community Manager to do a better job and optimize time. I hope it has been helpful for you!

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