Link building strategy: Optimal media search and planning

Starting to generate jet links on a website is a very widespread practice, without stopping to think if they are the appropriate means for our sector, or if we have chosen the anchor and the URL well , among other things.This technique can work well, but generally it won’t.How to plan your link building strategy?
Depending on whether your project starts from scratch, or if you already have a journey and you have worked on link building , the strategy will vary.Although in each case we will see how it affects when defining a plan, to plan the link Jamaica Phone Number List strategy in both cases we will have a central point : study the competition.Seeing how our competitors work and what they are doing in terms of generating links for the keywords that interest us, will give us many clues on how to guide our strategy. Note: When we refer to competitors in the digital sector, they are those who offer the same product / service / information as us, but also those that appear in the first results. And is that Google helps us detect that unknown competition.Competition as an aid to build a good strategyOnce our competitors have been selected, we will analyze a series of fundamental aspects for the definition of the link building strategy :Content typesThis aspect is vital and helps us to know how our competitors are obtaining links : blog articles, news in generalist media, creation of profiles, comments in forums, registration in directories …By obtaining this data we will see where each one focuses their efforts , and which one may be offering the best performance due to their situation in the SERPs.ypes of backlinksThis section is about analyzing the percentage of follow or no follow back links that they have . Even if they employ sponsored and it is working for them.Dofollow links will always be the best option . But you have to try to make the link profile natural with the inclusion of nofollow options so as not to raise suspicions for Google and the rest of the search engines. So that they do not consider that we may be working only with purchased links.

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Anchors texts used The anchor text is another of the key elements when determining the link Jamaica Phone Number List strategy.Although when analyzing the competition you will surely observe it, it is a mistake to abuse brand anchors .Observe to what extent brand anchors, URL anchors, keyword anchors, kw anchors or brand plus plugin are used, if it is generic (here, in this link), etc.Don’t forget to take note oftheconclusions!Destination URL’sJust as important are anchors as landing pages.A proper link building strategy is not based on targeting only Home and main categories .Study how your competition is doing, and to what extent they are targeting these types of pages.How is the contentIt is related to the types of content, but it will help you know where to focus your efforts .As a general rule, those links that seem natural, are within an interesting content, current and that add value, will always be the best . And in a good quality you must base your banner on any type of digital action.However, look at what type of content is working for the competition to imitate and improve it.Are they replicable links?The replicable links will be those that we can include in our link building strategy and that does not imply an economic investment . That we can do them manually.Generally these links are usually in forums, directories, profiles … but you can also find gold nuggets in the form of means that allow you to publish a study, for exampleIf you have been working on link building in your project for a long time, we will extract the same data from our site to be able to compare and make decisions .All this information can be obtained from tools such as Ahrefs or Search Console (in our project), and supported by Excel or Google Sheets to collect your data.What are we going to get from this analysis?Once all this data has been extracted and ordered, you are going to draw two great conclusions that will mark your link building strategy :How many links do you need and of what type . With the results in hand, you will see what the competition is working on to be ahead of you. If you verify that you are working on better link building, in that case you will have to focus on other aspects such as the quality of the content, usability …If the strategy you have followed has been the correct one . This in case you have already worked on link building before.Thanks to the analysis of your competitors, you will know if you have to redirect your plans and actions.

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With everything analyzed and with a new roadmap planned, it will be time to find the best means to be above your competition .Request a budget without obligationTips to keep in mind when looking for mediaYou already know that link building is an Off Page SEO strategy that helps -among other techniques- to improve the positioning of your website . The fact that external websites link to you is relevant to Google, and they take it into consideration when displaying the results.In the variety you will find success, that’s why:Bet on specialized media about your theme . They are the ones that will bring you the greatest relevance.Generate reviews in high-authority media . Without going overboard, especially when it comes to media buying.Be creative and look for link baiting with quality, natural content that can go viral.Look for guest author contributions on blogs related to your business.Make press releases on corporate issues that can be shared by the media.Create profiles in forums and directories in your sector.Take advantage of social networks .In addition to using different types of links and content, when you find a medium, analyze factors such as :If it is dedicated exclusively to the sale of links . You can detect this by entering the main link sellinplatforms, or manually entering a post at random and see if they point to external websites. In these cases, better bet on other options.Your visibility . What consideration does Google have of him? Does it appear in the first results forkeywords relevant to your sector?
The trend . Is it a medium that goes upwards? Are you stalling? Are you losing organic positions? In the latter case, an SEO penalty could be the consequence, so it would not be interesting to include a link.
Do not rely only on numbers and statistics of the tools . Although they help, they are not a certain science and could cause us to make a bad decision. In addition, you always have to contrast with other sources and not stay with a simple data or number.The treatment they give to the content . Short, scientific, long texts that add value …These are some of the aspects that will help you determine if a medium can be interesting. However, your intuition and criticism can also be a good filter .The key in any link building strategy is to find the perfect balance between the quantity and quality of the links , without neglecting consistency.It is useless to constantly generate links in directories, profiles and blog comments if they do not add value; as well as not getting a link in a very relevant medium, but not working on link building until the next two months.If you are looking to grow in visibility in your project, plan a good link building strategy that complements the rest of SEO actions Can’t get the results you are looking for? Tell us in comments what you think is blocking you or, if you want to go one step further, contact us and tell us how we can help you.

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