like Amazon, is that it offers great discounts on its products.

For AlixExpress, Spain is the third country in the world that generates the most sales to the Asian ecommerce giant. With only ten years of existence, it has become the Asian Amazon. It has even copied Amazon’s signature marketplaces strategy. The worldwide picture of AliExpress is as follows: 150 million active customers and a website translated into 18 languages. The global presence of this ecommerce is overwhelming: it is in 190 countries. A fact to take into account of its activity is the more than 30 million page views per day. AliExpress’ strategy in Spain is advancing by leaps and bounds. It is signing alliances with both SMEs and large organizations. This is due to the importance that AliExpress gives to this country within its sales market. Aliexpress is also part of a large market of users from its own country: China. This advantage allows you to have a large network of sellers. Their retail product offering is very diverse. Another of its characteristics, What is undeniable is that this Spanish company has known how to adapt to the digital world, and to e-commerce in particular, in an exemplary way. With 75 years of history under its belt,  phone no search australia  El Corte Inglés was one of the first Spanish companies to bet on e-commerce at the end of the 90s . The arrival of Amazon and eBay overshadowed its projection in this environment.


But he knew how to adapt well to the new situation by modifying his strategy. El Corte Inglés has a turnover of € 683,899,357 per year on its ecommerce website, ranking third among the ecommerce businesses that sell the most in Spain.  Australia Phone Number List  Its sales spectrum is not far behind, ranging from leisure, home, cosmetics and food to technology. Ebay was, along with Amazon, one of the forerunners of electronic commerce. Just as Amazon’s starting gun in the ecommerce world was the sale of books, for Ebay, the starting point was the auctions of user products for subsequent purchase. This platform, a true veteran of ecommerce, was born in 1995. Next year will therefore be its first quarter of a century. It is located in the fourth place of the ecommerce that sells the most in Spain. A long history that made this platform for many years a world reference in electronic commerce . In Spain its decline has been notable in recent years. Large competitors such as Amazon have been gaining positions on Ebay, relegating this platform to the fourth ecommerce position that sells the most in Spain. The annual sales turnover in Spain is 678 million euros, very close to El Corte Inglés. Currently the volume of active buyers of Ebay in Spain is 2.5 million. The platform also has a significant number of professional sellers, reaching a figure of more than 10,000 professional sellers. Of these, more than half, 63% sell outside of Spain reaching up to 25 markets. And the number of Spanish sellers on eBay is encouraging. In fact, since last year the volume of exports made by Spanish sellers on Ebay has doubled . Ebay is aware that the Spanish market is a great opportunity for this platform and hence its commitment to SMEs.

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