Let them know through email that they are the first to announce the sales .

It should be made known in the text of the email that they have the opportunity or the scoop to access these discounts. The idea is that the user thinks that you have thought of him first and that he has an advantage by sending him the information of the discount. This most likely creates a desire to be the first to have it. If your brand is highly valued among your customers, use its recognition in the Email Marketing campaign on sale. This is a direct line to the email inboxes of your clients or potential clients. In this type of campaign, the discount is valuable and precious content for your client and more if it comes through a brand recognized and valued by him as your brand is. Use your brand as an endorsement and claim in the contents of your sales email marketing . With this strategy you will have an advantage over your competitors. You can even use their emails to get helpful feedback. Are customers happy with the content you are providing? Would you like to learn something different? Use a poll or start a discussion on social media. Once you involve them in the process, you will know exactly how to provide valuable content in your emails. 5.- Make your sales email marketing campaign viral One of the ways to make your sales marketing campaign viral is the Push strategy. This strategy seeks to stimulate the viralization of the content.  how to get cell phone numbers for marketing  To do this, the proposal is to expand the sales email marketing campaign, also redirecting it on social networks and other platforms .

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Some strategies in this section would be: Incorporate in your email the buttons and links of your main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. In this way, you will induce your subscribers to share your email campaign on social media. Includes calls to action , CTAs. Encourage subscribers to share your sales email on their social networks. Try to maximize the reach of your email so that members of your online community receive your campaign on their favorite social ecosystem: Twitter, Phone Number List  Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Use email marketing automation platforms to more easily reach your users. Create different landing pages thinking about the different types of users that may be interested in one group or another of the products you offer. Insert the link to the landing page from your email. Sales schedule In an email marketing campaign of sales it is important to establish a calendar where you mark the dates of the sales. Noting the milestones for each sale date will help establish a structured strategy. There are seasonal sales, such as summer sales or pre-Christmas sales such as Black Friday . Also discounts for various reasons.

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