Learn basic SEO: bots and how to index in Google

This is going to be a post to learn basic SEO because I am only interested in giving a vision of the elements that strictly intervene in the indexing process of our website, that is, playing with the basic concepts so that they are understood and know what the aspects are more relevant that we must control to help the pages to be indexed.Once the urls of our website have been indexed, you should know that you can chinese mobile phone number the positioning of those pages so that Google shows them before among the search results (SERP) that it offers to users and, thus, increase the traffic of the website. web … is another story.Improving web positioning when Google ‘ranks’ us is a more complex process that involves working on SEO On Page and SEO Off Page in all its dimensions with appropriate approaches and strategies. But we would already be within another phase of SEO work that we will talk about in other posts.Google bots (spiders)We can only start by talking about the so-called ‘ google spiders’ , which are robots that help the search engine to crawl, classify and index the pages on the web in Google . Facilitating and optimizing this process is in our power.Why do it? Because if you are not indexed, you will not appear among the search results ( SERP ) that users do.


And if you have a China Phone Number List you will want them to find it.In the case of a page that has not been indexed , you should know that it can only be accessed by entering its url directly in the browser (direct access), or because you have shared its link through social networks, something always recommended that you also helps indexing or, because you have embedded the link in a PDF file and someone ends up clicking on them.In any case, none of those accesses mentioned in the previous paragraph would be organic , that is, none would access by clicking on an unsponsored search result (SERP), so we would no longer be talking about SEO.Crawl Budget: tracking time allocated to bots for each websiteIt is interesting to know this concept because it means that if your website loads slowly, bots will have less time to crawl it. For this reason, the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) becomes another SEO facet to work with. For this reason and because there is a direct relationship between web traffic and web indexing. In case you didn’t know, statistically, you lose users for every second of loading the web takes.Although bots have time to crawl your entire website, that does not mean that it will necessarily index everything in Google. Remember that there are websites with hundreds and thousands of pages. But if your website has few urls, it is very likely that all of them will be indexed.directories they can or cannot crawl.

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It is a way of trying to prevent them from crawling (and indexing) the pages that do not interest us, such as the urls with parameters that are generated when users search within our website. Or we may be interested in not crawling certain directories. We may simply want to optimize robots.txt to get Google bots to focus on what interests us and not waste time crawling non-relevant plugin files or wordpress files.And it is always advisable to add the sitemap address in this file.’Index / No index’ and ‘Follow / No follow’Google spiders can read if a page is configured as ‘ index ‘ or as ‘ no index ‘, that is, if we want that page to be indexed or not.The bots also know if they should follow the links that they find on that page, that is, if they are ‘ follow ‘ or ‘ no follow ‘ those links, although the correct use of these attributes would be a topic for an advanced post. Comment for now that if you have a good internal link between the different pages that are already indexed and those that are not, you will help the latter to be indexed.Similarly, if you have a page that you want to index in Google but it turns out that you do not have it linked from any other url on your website, you have even removed it from the sitemap (by default, if it is index, it appears in the sitemap) as it will be more difficult let the bots find it.

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Even more difficult if you don’t even have an incoming link (backlink) from another website.Search ConsoleI will dedicate another post to explain the configuration and uses of Search Console , an essential tool for indexing and SEO that will complement this basic SEO post.For those of you who have already linked the properties and have access to this tool, I will anticipate that, in order to index urls, there are three basic functions that it brings:make it easier for Google bots to crawl the web.We must try to have one in which there are only the pages that we are interested in indexing from our website. And when you are ready send it to Google through Search Console in the ‘crawl / sitemaps’ optionsII) Browse like Google . Within the Search Console ‘crawl’ options we find this tool that will help us speed up the indexing process of the url that it analyzes:(III) Tools for webmaster ‘ Submit url ‘:Submit Url Search ConsolPerhaps, at this point, you think that it is not as basic an SEO post as it might seem but, being such a technical field, it usually costs a little more to take the first steps. So, I encourage you to jump without fear. And you can always tell us your experiences or ask questions.If you are interested, we have more post about SEO .

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