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“Facebook is trying to prove that it is not a media company.” Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook wants to remain a social network of friends and family, so there will be a change in its algorithm that will avoid the saturation of information from media and brands and will prioritize information from the community that you already know. Is this a concern for small and medium-sized companies? Will it affect the level of audience and sales of the businesses? Click here and find out what you need to know!What does the new Facebook algorithm imply?While it is true, every time there is a change in the Facebook algorithm, most active cell phone number list jump in alarm. This time, with good reason, as it seems that it is the end of organic reach on Facebook . In that way?In short, Facebook aims to make its platform a more personal network that makes the user experience more familiar and personal. That is, Facebook wants you to connect with your family, friends and community instead of connecting with fan pages and advertising.So, from now on the Newsfeed of users will be full of photos, videos, statuses and others that your relatives or friends share. But why this change? Zuckerberg says he wants to make sure Facebook is not only fun, but also good for society and people’s well-being.In his words: “When we use social media to connect with the people we care about, it can be beneficial for our well-being. We can feel more connected and less alone, and that correlates with long-term measures of happiness and health. ”According to Zuckerberg, this connection between family and friends no longer occurs due to the high consumption of videos and public content that consumes the attention of users , leaving personal and relevant information in the background. So basically, Facebook wants to help us connect with each other.

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It all sounds great, but what about small and medium-sized businesses that rely on social media to increase their audience and sales?The truth is that they will have to compete to provide meaningful content that adds value to users so that the organic reach of the publications on their USA Phone Number List is not affected.The new Facebook algorithm will organize the excessive supply of information in such a way that it is attractive to each person. So the searches have been modified and the newsfeed of the users will be ordered so that they can see what matters to them first.Therefore, there will be a decrease in the consumption of information media because in the timeline the media and the pages that follow will not be privileged, but rather, the publications of friends. However, there will be publications that can enter the newsfeed, but they must contain highly relevant content for the user.In the words of the developer of this algorithm: “If you could look at thousands of contents per day and choose the 10 that are most important to you, what would they be? The answer should be your Newsfeed. It’s subjective, personal, and unique – and it defines the spirit we want to achieve. ”Because of this, Zuckerbeg says that it is no longer enough that content is relevant, it must be meaningful. If you get your content to be, there will be a good chance that you will still appear in the users’ newsfeed.So the new challenge for small and medium-sized companies is the following: opting for direct means of dissemination such as websites and the creation of differential content.To do?Create an innovative content strategy. In effect, you must reach the users’ newsfeed and, you will achieve this if you get some user to share your content in their biography, so you will continue to obtain high views.For a user to share your content, you must achieve genuine engagement and define a social media strategy that includes a publication calendar based on the profile of your target audience .

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The more comments and likes the better, so post fun and interesting thingsLive videos can attract more trafficYou must work on quality, create content that invites you to talk!Generate reactions in users with what you postPost images, that catches the attention of usersKeep these tips in mind and work hard on the originality and quality of everything you post, don’t let changes on Facebook affect your metrics!Do you want some good news? At Niu.Marketing we can help you! If you want your company to be a leader in the industry this 2018, do not hesitate to click the button below and find out how you can improve your sales process using the Internet.In addition, I invite you to continue reading and inform yourself with our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time. Guatemala has already entered the digital age, Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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