Leads in Marketing and Sales: from their generation to their analysis

Discover what Leads are in Singapore Phone Number List and Sales and know the advantages of generating leads for the success of your company.Leads are those people who have left their contact information on a website, in exchange for a material, thus representing a business opportunity. The generation of leads is the beginning of the Inbound Marketing strategy, with tactics to attract visitors and convert into leads.Lead management is an issue that is part of the reality of many Latin American companies, being an indispensable strategy for most of them. RD Station grew a lot with that strategy. In fact, our main form of growth was precisely through lead generation and management.No wonder: when combined with the various attraction techniques we constantly talk about here on the blog, well-managed lead management has the power to significantly amplify business results with digital marketing.This is because, especially when we talk about B2B Marketing, the purchase process by the customer is not done impulsively. There is a well-known, and often long, cycle that goes through:purchase process – generate leadsIn all these stages, the prospect looks for a large amount of information, mainly through the Internet, so it is not difficult to conclude that the more your company helps guide them through the process , producing content and making offers of interest, the greater will be the chances that you choose at the end of the process.In addition, a good lead management program has other advantages:It allows you to attract and retain potential customers who are not yet at the right time to buy, avoiding “all or nothing”;Friction in the funnel decreases and, therefore, increases the number of specific opportunities generatedby the Marketing area;Shorten the sales cycle by educating and encouraging potential customers;Increase the efficiency and productivity of the sales team by offering more prepared leads at the right time;Increase customer retention after purchase, also through education and trust.
Therefore, the mission of a lead management program is to identify the different stages potential customers go through and align the appropriate information / knowledge to deliver them at each stage.

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But, before talking about lead management, we must define what a Lead is. Read on and learn all about Leads in this exclusive article on the subject!What is a Lead?A Lead is a Singapore Phone Number List opportunity for a company .More specifically, a Lead is someone who has left their contact information (name, email, telephone, etc.) through our website in exchange for a content or value offer (tool, free trial, request about product / service, etc).In other words, Lead is a contact that voluntarily becomes part of our database because he is interested in hearing more from us. This Lead is someone who has shown interest in a topic of your business and who would probably like to see more about your company, both in terms of knowledge and product / service offers. In the same way, it is someone who can be more easily approached by your sales team, when the time is right for such action.Observation: In other types of business the concept of Lead can take different forms. Example: A user registered in the trial version of a software, someone who calls the company directly to find more information, a subscriber to an ecommerce site , etc.Why is it important to generate leads instead of selling directly?
For this, we are going to cite the book “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, a reference in the sales area , written by Chet Holmes, in which a pattern is identified that is repeated in all markets or when customers buy.According to the author, only 3% of the public is actively looking for options to buy something and about 7% is hardly open to proposals, the remaining 90% is represented in the following pyramid: purchasing processHow, then, to achieve a higher percentage of the pyramid and at the same time generate more credibility? That’s where the huge Stadium Pitch balcony comes in. Holmes invites readers to answer the following question:Imagine an entire stadium full of your potential customers and you had the opportunity to talk to all of them for a few minutes. What would you say to them?Most people respond by presenting the track record or benefits of their product / service, that is, by making direct sales. The problem is, he only starts saying this and 90% of the pyramid gets up and goes.

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For this reason, your speech – including on your blog, email campaigns and social media posts , should focus on offering useful content to the customer, regardless of the time of purchase. Something interesting needs to be said so that the whole pyramid will continue to listen.Lead generation meets this strategy. If your business website only has information about your product / service, your message will only resonate between 3% and 10% at the top of the pyramid.Don’t waste 90%!To avoid “wasting” the other 90%, your company can create valuable offers to capture the contact information of these people and, over time, nurture them to try to turn them into opportunities and sales.Still, many companies insist on wanting to focus only on prospects that are already “ready,” in the name of supposed productivity. What we can say is that we have already seen and helped make this lead generation machine work multiple times.In all cases, not only did the number of opportunities and total sales increase significantly, but the cost of Marketing and Sales has been decreasing over time.Consequently, this machine is also an excellent asset and long-term competitive advantage for the company.Example of an offer of interest in Landing Page :ebook facebookThe Landing Page of the example offers a material related to the topic ” How to use Facebook to sell more “, which was one of the requests that our Leads made us when we asked them, what topic would you like us to develop, to help your business to sell more?This material produced over 10,000 leads and remains one of the most downloaded eBooks. Now, if you’ve gotten this far and still have no idea how to start generating content to get Leads, don’t worry! We can help you with this eBook on “28 types of offer for lead generation” Take advantage of it!Why manage leads?With a job well done in attracting and converting at the top of the funnel, companies begin to grow their contact base significantly, and usually, they fall into one question: What to do with so many leads?Since we do not want (or we can) place a commercial team to contact each of these, the first idea that arises is to try to spam the base with offers of products / services. This is not only risky as it can burn the canal unnecessarily, but it is also inefficient. According to a survey carried out in 2012 by Marketing Sherpa to a large number of B2B companies, on average 73% of Leads are not yet ready to buy.For this reason, for the Marketing area, just generating leads is not enough. It is necessary to have a process that helps Leads to descend more and more in the Sales Funnel and filter the base, managing to deliver to the sales area the Leads with the correct profile and that are already more likely to purchase your solution . For this reason, you should think about a lead management program.

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