Lead qualification process, how do you get started?

The prospect qualification process is, without a doubt, the key aspect for any successful salesperson. Save you time, money, and streamline your sales process with just a few simple steps. So what are you waiting for? Stop investing your time in unprofitable offers and focus today on the ones that are viable.Schedule a digital consultancy for your business buy uae number online is a qualified prospect?Before you want to go through a prospect qualification process, it is important that you are honest with yourself and ask yourself if you really know what it means to generate ‘qualified prospects’.I say this because the mistake of many salespeople – and even, of large and recognized companies – is simply to generate leads and prospects and never focus on the qualification of the generated contacts. Thus causing loss of time for the sales team and investments with no return, affecting the sales closings each month.Things as they are: not all companies or people are potential customers of your products and services.To avoid this type of situation, it is essential to investigate the prospects generated, give them an appropriate follow-up and thus, deduce if they are indeed qualified – or not – for your company.Therefore, the definition for a qualified prospect would be: that prospect who meets the necessary conditions to become a customer of your company.For example, let’s say your business is based on the sale of printers. You generate around 20 leads in the month. You decide to sell to everyone through cold calls – without having followed up, without knowing who they are and without knowing what they do.In one of these calls, a lady is very interested and asks several questions, so a salesperson decides to follow up. The salesperson emails her the following week, sends her offers, and calls her again. In the end, the lady turns out to be a retired person, who would not use a printer as much. So in the end … there was no closing of the sale. Yes – time wasted on an unqualified prospect.Now, if the company had decided to follow up on its prospects and qualify them efficiently, they would have detected in time that she was not a good fit for the company. If you want to learn more about how to detect when a prospect is not the right one, I invite you to read our blog about it, by clicking here .

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What the company had to do was focus more on clients who are a good fit, such as: university students, families with children at school, office workers, etc.Schedule a call UAE Phone Number List what is a lead qualification process?In simple and clear words: the qualification of a prospect consists of gathering all the necessary information to determine if, indeed, that person has the capacity to make the purchase. By researching this necessary information about each of your prospects, you will be able to streamline your sales process and there will be a greater chance that you will capture their interest, and thus, you will be more likely to increase your sales closings.So, pay attention! Next I will show you the 6 essential steps for you to start qualifying prospects.1. Ask questionsAlthough it seems like a fairly obvious step, many – thousands and millions of people – constantly forget it. This happens because they want to consummate sales closings quickly, but it is vital to remember that effectively expediting closings requires asking the right questions to get the right information.Some of the areas that cannot escape you are:Questions about the prospect’s budget.Questions about the authority you have at your job or position.Questions about the needs and problems they have (to deduce if your product or service can be a goodsolution).Prospect time questions.If you want to know more about it, I recommend you read about a method of qualification of sales opportunities, known as BANT, click here .2. Keep track of all the informationKeeping a clean and up-to-date control of all company contacts is essential to detect greater sales opportunities.Make sure to delete those contact details that don’t exist, those that are definitely not a good fit, etc. And, also, order your database based on the stages of the purchase process in which the prospects are.Sort them by: exploration, consideration and decision stage.3. Spend the necessary timeMany salespeople have the closing of sales at the center of everything in mind. But, sales are no longer about this. The reality is that selling without selling is the new way of selling . That means shifting cold selling and focusing on process and customer satisfaction.

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For this reason, it is necessary that both the sales team and the marketing team are constant and take the qualification of prospects seriously. They must spend a lot of time on it to get successful closings.4. Set reasonable goalsWhen it comes to ranking prospects, it’s important to be realistic. Anyone would like to have a huge list of contacts to offer products and services to, however, keep in mind that it is not about quantity, but quality .If you have highly qualified prospects, even if they are few, you will be successful. Much more than if you have a list of millions that are not a good fit. So, set realistic goals per month based on your data and contacts5. ListenHear. One of the biggest challenges for modern salespeople.Listening is vital to forming a prospect-company relationship and increasing sales closings month-over-month. Well, by listening you can find out what your prospect needs, how you can help them and how you can satisfy them.If you offer the prospect a good conversation starter, add value to each call, help him, delight him, and anticipate his needs, rest assured that taking him to the next stage in the sales process will be easy – so little little by little until it is closed.6. Use CRMCRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software is a platform that allows you to create and establish unified sales processes where you can have a broader vision of the business process, as well as allowing you to have detailed control of all the relationships you establish with your customers potential and current customers.This type of software will help you improve the qualification of prospects and will allow you to convert your potential customers into real sales opportunities . If you want to know more about it, I invite you to read our article on why CRM is an essential tool to improve your sales process .If you wanted to know more about the generation and qualification of prospects and want to increase your sales closings month by month, I invite you to read our ebook: How to use the Internet to generate qualified prospects? Click the image below
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