Lead Management: effectively activate the coldest leads

Do you want to know everything about Lead Management? If you are a parent you will know that, aside from the joy of parenthood, raising a child is not exactly easy. With two children, it is still manageable. Imagine if you had dozens of babies who constantly require your exclusive attention. You can’t just pick two kids you like the most and give them your full attention, while ignoring the others. That’s somewhat similar to the problem for most growing businesses , when they start getting more inquiries or leads than they can handle. They fail to manage all of their leads adequately and equally . Always in terms of paying attention to them when they need it, of course. And that’s when your leads start to scatter. It is the moment when lead management enters the scene. What is Lead Management? Lead Management is the process of managing leads consistently and equally . Although that’s the old school approach. Modern lead management software does much more than just manage them. In fact, it affects sales directly, by integrating sales and marketing together. The new definition of lead management could be as follows: ” Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, qualifying them, paying constant attention to them so they are ready for sales, and then passing them on to the sales team.” .  list of mobile numbers in uae  Now that you know what lead management is, it is time to travel through the different stages of this process in a little more detail. And don’t forget to take note of everything you need for your business: Lead capture automation means that leads should be automatically captured into your system .

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In today’s world, there are endless sources of lead generation. And when the volume of them is high, it is not realistic to enter each one manually into the system . Thus, the automation of lead capture ensures that each cable is fed into the system directly at the point of origin. Avoiding any type of leakage of these leads.  UAE Phone Number List  Another aspect of lead capture automation is the ability to automatically evaluate the sources that are generating the most leads and revenue for you. You can easily identify both: high profits and money depleting lead generation sources. This data is very important to marketing and business intelligence teams, as they can re-imagine their budget with this information.When a lead is captured, the lead management or lead tracking software would start to track the activities and behavior of that lead: Basically, it gives you valuable information about your potential customers that you would not otherwise have . Modern lead management software also tracks phone or chat conversations. 3.- Lead distribution After capturing the leads, you will have to pass them on to the relevant sellers. Again, it will take a long time if you do it manually. A lead distribution system automatically assigns leads based on whatever logic you define. For example: Pass the leadership to the Madrid team. If the location is Spain.

Or pass the lead to Alberto if they are interested in Product A. In most companies, if a company can contact the lead before its competitors, it would gain a definite advantage . Because if a potential client fills out your inquiry form, they have probably done the same with 5 services more similar to yours.

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