Lead Generation – Your website doesn’t generate them?

“The Internet offers a real opportunity to connect with the consumer and generate new business. Most brands have not yet figured out how to take advantage of it. ” Andy stalmanWe are in the digital age, a time where to be recognized it is essential to be on the web. Because of this, today, the Internet is the most powerful tool that any business has at its fingertips. For this reason, the vast majority of businesses are joining the Internet every day, since that is where the modern customer is.The truth is that the Internet has become the ideal medium to personalize the message of brands, allowing them to interact with the prospect and thus, meet customer expectations.It even allows you to foster trusting relationships with prospects at each stage of their buying cycle (if you haven’t heard about the Buyer’s Journey , we invite you to read our article by clicking here ). This ensures that you can monitor and learn about customer and prospect behavior, needs, and issues.In other words, it is intended to implement the best sales and digital buy cell phone number practices :Generate leadsConvert prospects into opportunitiesClose opportunities and convert them into customersThus, increasing the long-awaited sales closings.One of these sales and digital marketing best practices is the use of the website , the most valuable sales tool a business has at its disposal. The ideal is to use it properly and effectively so that you can generate qualified leads and thus streamline the sales processNext, I will introduce you to the most common mistakes that companies make on their website when wanting to generate leads. Become a successful salesperson by taking note ofthese mistakes so they don’t happen to you!1. There are no data capture forms, no landing pages Surely you have heard many times that the basis of all successful lead generation and sales in the 21st century is knowing how to create relevant content that offers value to your prospect … however, many companies do not really know what to do with that content .

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There are many cases where hundreds of companies create e-books, infographics, videos, and more educational material and immediately share them on their USA Phone Number List . However, I firmly believe that this is the biggest mistake. If you upload the dynamic content you created to your website, how will you know who actually downloaded the offer? How will you know if they are really interested? Have they had a previous contact with your company? Is it the first content they download? Is it a good time to make direct contact?Exactly … all those questions cannot be answered if you only give your dynamic content for nothing in return, therefore, one of the best strategies is to create filters through forms and landing pages to access the incredible content.On these landing pages you can ask for their name, email, age and any other information you need to qualify and segment your prospects.2. Boring landing pagesYour content offers may be incredible and contain the key information that every prospect needs, but … your landing page is not interesting and, what’s more, it looks like SPAM. It doesn’t make sense, does it?Imagine that you are invited to a dinner and they tell you that the best dish in all of Guatemala will be served, made by an exceptional chef, so you go prepared and with great emotion; However, when you follow the direction you arrive at a remote place, an old house and what’s more, it gives you mistrust and fear … well, you don’t think that the best chef can be there, so you end up leaving.It works the same. If your landing page does not have colors, images, information, nice type, etc. it is very likely that your prospect will give up on filling out a form to access the content.

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So get creative! Use bold colors, short paragraphs, short shapes, interesting information, and an image that matches the offer.3. Landing pages are interesting… but not clearWhile it is true the design is key, but also the information. When creating a landing page you should,without a doubt, write these 3 things:Title indicating what is being downloadedImage of the offer to be downloadedA text that attracts attention and invites the prospect to download4. Your forms are too longIt’s a fact, if your forms are too long, prospects won’t want to fill them out even if they do want the content offer. Why? because time in business is worth gold . Nobody likes having to fill out a thousand questions to access content.So, if it is content for someone who has never downloaded something from your company, try to keep it short: first name, last name and email.On the contrary, if it is already a more advanced content in which you must include more questions, keep it short and concise5. Your form does not workAlways test the form after creating the landing page. Forever. Many times prospects fill in the informationand when you enter … there is nothing. How would you feel if you were them? You just took the time to fill out a form so they can’t even give you the promised content. Minus points in the prospect-company trust relationship.6. There are no calls to action anywhere on your websiteYour landing page may be flawless, but it’s no use if your prospects can’t find it. I recommend that youcreate calls to action (CTA) that connect to your landing page at:Synthesizing, using your website will incentivize your prospects to complete the sale. This, in turn, will shorten your sales process. So, use it efficiently!If you want to know more about how to generate prospects on the Internet, I invite you to download our e-book, with just one click on the image below.

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