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“The entrepreneur always seeks change, responds to it and uses it as an opportunity.” Peter F. DruckerIt is a fact, times, customs and behaviors change. We live in a dynamic world and many times, there is no positive response from people to this evolutionary reality. As Bill Gates would say : “People are always afraid of change. They were afraid of electricity when it was invented, weren’t they? ”; However, the key to success in any business is not to fear; What’s more, a current salesperson should be able to detect where the world is going and get there first.As Drucker says, you have to use the change as an opportunity for improvement for the company.So, as you may have noticed, the job cell phone database free is evolving. Today, prospects no longer want salespeople to buy their attention – they want them to earn it.This means that a salesperson must improve and exploit their lead generation strategies to be able to identify and anticipate the needs of the modern customer, in order to provide what they need and increase the chances of closing sales.This, of course, could not be achieved with traditional sales strategies (buying contact lists, offering the sale first time, cold calls, etc.) but with new sales and marketing strategies such as Inbound Marketing & Inbound Sales. If you want to be a successful salesperson in the 21st century, turn this ‘evolution of modern prospects’ into an opportunity!The first step in this evolution is to create valuable and educational content that adds value to your prospect, and the second is to use that content to generate more leads that are qualified for a possible sales closing. But of course, this is easier said than done.

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So pay attention, below I will show you how you can improve your strategy to generate them. I will start with an example, imagine that you are going on a trip and have to store all kinds of things in your suitcase: clothes, shoes, camera, etc. What would be the best way to order it?Certainly, you can’t mess it up because in the end nothing would fit … it would be best to put the heaviest / largest on the bottom and the lightest / smallest on top. Why this example? Precisely because your company must take this scheme when implementing lead generation strategies in its USA Phone Number List strategies.Think, what are your heaviest items? Which ones would go to the bottom of the suitcase? I know that many companies and marketers would say that the biggest weight is the customers … and with good reason, however, in the generation of leads, I would say that it is the lightest.1. The heaviest: contentIt all starts with the content, this will be the biggest weight of your strategy.Creating content that adds value to your prospect is the key to any successful sales process. This also includes all the necessary tools to generate traffic, such as blogs, content offers, SEO , social networks, etc.There are studies that even show that since 2013 there has been an increase in demand for content by 70.94% – and it continues to grow. For this reason, content creation is undoubtedly an indispensable tool to gain authority in the job market.2. The in-between: the way the content is usedNext, what is essential in a generation strategy is the way in which the created content is used. This simple detail makes the difference between successful and not-so-successful companies; Well, marketers who use content efficiently generate up to 67% more leads per month.The first thing is: get attention. “The biggest flaw in current advertising is that there is too much” Luis Bassat. Since there is too much, you have to be one of the best. The businesses of the 21st century must prepare for a new battle: the fight for attention.Where the battlefield is networks, the army is content, the media, innovation and personalization, and the end is the conquest of consumers’ time. You have to accept it… care is the foundation of the new wealth in this digital age; And with good reason, since the more interesting, the more time and attention and the more attention the higher the sales.

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So how do you get that attention? Following two basic rules:Give Before You Ask: Educate the prospect before offering a sale or asking for personal information. If prospects see that you offer interesting information at no cost (blogs) they will take you as a reference and they will know that your interest, in reality, is to help them and put them as a priority, not just sell randomly.Everything must offer value: everything you do must be really good, all content, offer, message, mail, etc. it must speak of authority and quality on its own. This way, you will earn everyone’s time and attention.Once you’ve gained their attention, the next step is to convert them into contacts.Educational content not only has to be through blogs, it is more, you can create content offers dynamically, such as: infographics, ebooks, webinars, videos, interviews, with experts, etc. The trick is to offer this dynamic and educational content for a price: the email address of your prospects. It has to be an exchange in which both (company-prospect) can benefit.So keep in mind: creating unique and valuable content offers – and creating a landing page where you can ask for the email in return – can be a very effective way to increase your lead generation.Lastly, you have to qualify the prospect. Learning to identify in which stage of the buying process the prospect is is essential to improve the sales closing.One of the best techniques is to assign points to each content offer in order to quantify the interactions that prospects have with your company and that you see, effectively, their level of interest. For example:Download an ebook: 5 pointsRequest information on products / services: 10 pointsSubscribe to the blog: 3 pointsetc.This strategy will save you a lot of time when it comes to identifying possible sales closings. Once the most qualified prospects have been identified, your company can communicate with them with confidence, knowing that they are already very interested in what you have to offer.3. The lighter thing: clientsOnce all the foundations of a perfect lead generation strategy are in place, the closings will come by themselves. But keep in mind that the sales process does not end with a sale … you have to maintain the relationship with customers, so that they are possible promoters of your company – Who does not want free advertising? -Summarizing, prioritizing items according to their weight is what will ultimately give you the lead in generating leads and making you a successful salesperson. If you want to know more about how to generate leads on the Internet, I invite you to download our ebook, with just one click on the image below.
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