Lead Generation – How Do You Know When You Are Not The Right One?

Knowing how to qualify prospects is one of the key aspects for a salesperson, because by being able to identify when a prospect is, or not, a good fit, you will stop investing time in unprofitable offers and you will focus only on those that are viable. Thus, your sales closings will increase month by month. usa any phone number a potential client is about gathering all the necessary data to decide whether or not it is a good fit for your company. In other words, it’s about selling only to a certain type of prospect.It is a fact, most companies around the world buy a lot of lists and look for people’s names on social networks like LinkedIn to increase the generation of leads. However, they do not realize that they are digging their own grave, since that is the first step to not increase sales.Why? Because they are people who have never heard from your company and people who are clearly not interested in your product / service (clear identifier that is not a qualified prospect).It is much more efficient to talk to prospects who are truly interested in your company, as it will be easier to build a relationship and try to get ahead of the prospect’s needs and offer a solution (qualified).The key to identify them? It is not about looking for answers, but about asking the right questions. By asking your prospects the right questions, you will be able to get the correct information and, only then, will you know if it is worth investing your time and effort to sell to that prospect.


This is extremely important to any sales process. So if you want to become a successful salesperson, pay attention to these tips to know when prospects are not a good fit! This will definitely ensure that you only invest your time in viable and profitable offers.7 tips to know that your prospect is not the one1. You don’t have the budgetIf your prospect doesn’t have the budget for your product or service, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, knowing this information can be a double-edged sword, since if you don’t ask about your capital and start the sale process, in the end you will have wasted your time; And if you ask too quickly, they may freak out and lose interest.For this reason, I recommend you implement smarketing and talk about it with the USA Phone Number List and sales team to define how important a prospect’s budget is for the company.Similarly, keep in mind that this is one of the last questions you ask your prospect. This will give you an advantage, because by the time you do it, time will have passed and surely your company-prospect relationship has already gained confidence. This sales strategy is less invasive than asking thousands of financial questions on the first call, remember that with confidence there is always the guideline to close a sale through negotiation.2. They do not have the power to make decisions.What is their job? What do they do in the company? This is very important to know when following up with prospects. Imagine that you sell business credit cards and a vendor for a company downloaded many of your content offerings… he may not really be in a position to buy your product / service. Who you would need to contact, in any case, is the CEO of the company where you work.

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To achieve this, I recommend that you create a profile of the ideal customer you are looking for, so that both the marketing and sales teams know which prospect to follow up on .In addition, you can go to LinkedIn and effectively search for the CEO of your prospect’s company and make him notice your content or make sure you go to an event where he attends to start a pleasant contact with a prospect who does have the power to take a decision in the company.3. They have no need for your product / service
The key question to know this is: What are your goals? What do you seek to achieve? What are yourconcerns?By knowing this type of thing, you will know if the prospect really needs your product / service or if you really have the ability to offer a solution to their problem or some optimal way to achieve their goals.If your prospect doesn’t have a need that you can solve, I’m afraid they should be disqualified immediately.4. The companies are too big / small for what you offerAsking how big the company is is an easy, essential – and expected – question to ask. Many times most marketers do it in a form on a landing page . By having answers, it will be easier to identify those prospects for whom you can provide solutions.Keep in mind that this does not mean cutting off contact with everyone else. If you have plans to expand your company, save these contacts – or who knows – the prospects’ company may also grow and they will contact you later.

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5. They are outside your territoryThe good thing about the Internet is that it allows even people from other parts of the world to know about your company and the value you have to offer. However, if your company does not work internationally, or even does not sell to other departments in the same country, it would not be ideal to follow up on such prospects since there will be no chance of closing. This is why it is important to know where prospects are coming from.If your business is interested in expanding internationally later, stay connected and send them more educational content.6. They are not interested in your contentIf they don’t read your emails, they have weeks – months – without entering your website, they no longer answer calls, etc. they are most likely not ready to enter the sales process and are probably not active in the buying process.My advice is to prioritize and follow up on prospects who are interested. Save the contacts who are not so interested to do a reactivation campaign for them in the future.7. When they give false informationDid your contact put a fake email or email number? So, they don’t careabout your company, nor do they have an interest.When a person visits your website and uses false information, they are not interested in being contacted in the future and probably only entered your site by chanceHowever, it does not always mean that they will never be interested. Maybe in the future if they are ready to give real information. For the moment, rule out those prospects, they are not a good fit.By being clear about which prospect to work with and who not, both the marketing and sales teams will be more efficient and the sales process will be streamlined.If you want to know more about how to generate prospects on the Internet, I invite you to download our e-book, with just one click on the image below.

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