Lead Generation – How and When to Follow Up

It is a fact, we are in a period of continuous changes and evolutions and the market is no exception. Today, traditional sales strategies are no longer as efficient and optimal as they used to be, as prospects / customers have changed.The truth is that new sales and marketing strategies , such as Inbound us based mobile number & Inbound Sales , are more efficient at increasing the much-desired sales closings. With my experience, I can affirm that these strategies are ideal for anyone looking to be a successful salesperson in the 21st century, as they drive the generation of leads and the follow-up of them , rather than just using cold tactics, such as buying lists and cold sales.According to studies done by Harvard Business Review , it is indicated that 71% of qualified prospects, in all companies, are not followed up. Can you imagine how many closing opportunities are lost per month? What’s more, only 1.3% of prospects receive contact with the seller and the company itself.This represents a tremendous loss, not only in income, but in obtaining contacts and new sales opportunities.Because of this, knowing how to classify prospects, knowing how to identify the purchase stage where they are, and knowing how to follow up on them is crucial for the growth of any company.Forget the idea that the only important thing is to know where a prospect comes from ( source ) … what is really important is to determine the quality and context of the prospect you have generated.


So how do you follow up with your prospect?The first rule is to respond to them. Keep things simple, remember that what you want is to establish a trustworthy prospect-company relationship so talking with them is what will USA Phone Number List make a difference and give you authority.Keep in mind that when generating leads online, waiting as little as 5 minutes can reduce the likelihood of establishing a relationship by as much as 10%. However, this rule does not apply in all cases, since the context and status of your prospect’s purchase process are the most important reference to know whether to contact him or notSo why mention the 5 minutes? To make it clear that time in business is worth gold. Studies show that companies typically take 46 hours 53 minutes to contact an interested prospect – nearly two days – and that’s long enough to lose interest.Another important point is how often prospects are contacted.Did you know that contacting your prospects at least 6 times during a period of time increases the trust ratio by 70%? So be persistent, stay in touch, and personalize your calls!When to follow up?Once we have established how to follow up, the question is when. For this, it is vital to take into account the stage in which the prospect is in the purchase process .Here are 4 factors that could be very useful:1. Type of offer the prospect downloadedIs the type of offer your prospect downloaded general knowledge? Or is it specific content about a problem that your company solves?If it is indeed content that goes hand in hand with making an appointment, your contact with the prospect should be immediate. If it is general content to nurture and inform, then it is worth waiting a little longer.

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2. Where does the prospect come from (source)Was your prospect generated by direct traffic? By social networks? Emails? It is important to identify where the prospect comes from in order to measure, in a certain way, the level of interest they may have.For example, someone looking directly for your business name may indeed be looking for serious business.3. Profile of the ideal clientMake sure that the prospects always match the profile of your ideal client, otherwise, you will probably be wasting your time. For example, if you sell business credit cards, your ideal customer would be a company manager, not a teenager who just graduated. It is important to prioritize and know who to contact.In short, a good follow-up will certainly guarantee an exceptional reputation for you and your company. What in the future will ensure the generation of more and more prospects.If you want to know more about how to optimally generate leads using the Internet, I invite you to download our ebook by clicking on the image below.

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