Lead Generation – 5 Tactics to Convert Leads to Customers

It’s a fact, social media has transformed the 21st century job us mobile no example . More than that, they have transformed our daily lives. Electronic devices connect us across borders and give us direct and personal knowledge of the world in real time.This is why it should not surprise you that the prospect-company relationship is changing. Information is no longer only owned by sellers, today, everything is in the hands of the prospect with just one click on the Internet.The 21st century salesperson must be aware of these changes, because seeing that, indeed, the prospect evolves faster than the sales process, they are themselves in charge of promoting an evolution that goes hand in hand with the purchase process of the prospectus ( Buyer’s Journey ).If you want to be a successful salesperson and know how to couple the sales process to the current buying process and thus improve the relationship with your prospect, you have come to the right place. This is necessary to increase the long-awaited sales closings.5 tactics to convert prospects into customersFirst, you have to keep in mind that the biggest challenge is knowing what your prospects are like and being in permanent contact with them. The truth is, very few prospects will go immediately to the purchase, thus leaving 90% on the table and, what do you do with all those contacts?


The answer: convince them. Implementing a campaign to convince prospects and thus convert them into customers will unify the buying process with your sales process, and make them ‘on the same page.’ What’s more, studies by Forrester show that running a good campaign to convert prospects into customers increases sales closings by 20%; And even the companies that take the best advantage of these campaigns generate 50% more sales with 33% less cost. Amazing, right?However, studies by USA Phone Number List indicate that only 36% of marketers implement this type of campaign. Surely this means that many closing opportunities are being lost.So if you want to be above the competition, pay attention to these 5 tactics to carry out a perfect campaign to convert your prospects into customers.1. Key contentWhen you present prospects with key, valuable content that efficiently informs them, your closeout opportunities automatically increase by 20%.Although using key and valuable content may seem obvious, it is something that is costing businesses a lot these days. Forrester even claimed that 33% of companies voted for content creation as the biggest challenge for them . One of the reasons is because they fail to attract attention ; Perfect content does not guarantee the success of a campaign, so you have to know how to attract the prospect.Attracting the prospect is achieved by creating content that really interests them and helps them solve their problems, doubts, concerns or even brings them closer to meeting their objectives. So the key is to understand your prospects. Then, you can create content for prospects at different stages and particular interests (segment content and content offers depending on the stages of the purchase process of each one).2. More social networksSocial networks are the center and, indeed, the ideal medium to share information, attract prospects, interact with them, inform them and form a relationship of trust.Businesses are visible and exposed to prospects 24/7, so the only way to be successful is by having good content and a good web presence. This, in addition, will give you authority in the sector, because the more prospects they find you, the more attention and the more attention, the higher sales.

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3. Tracking the prospectDid you know that prospects tend to lose interest if they are not contacted within 5 minutes of requesting information?The fact that they do not lose interest increases the probability of closing by 21%, however, although this is a shocking number, few companies actually practice the follow-up of prospects.In a Harvard Business Review study it was established that most companies take 42 hours to contact their prospects, 24% of companies take more than 24 hours, 23% do not even respond, 37% take an hour.While it is true, content and presence on social networks are key, but follow-up time is a primary factor when creating a relationship with the prospect – honestly, nobody likes to wait for an answer Keep in mind that when you contact him, you are not trying to practice a cold sale, but rather, you are looking to talk about what he downloaded or requested, why it caught his attention, what he intends to achieve with that content and thus you will begin to get to know him better to know what to offer him and when4. PersonalizationMaking the customer feel special is one of the keys to winning it. Personalized emails, for example, open up to 6 times more than non-personalized ones.Many studies indicate that one of the best ways to convert prospects into customers is emails, and with good reason, since they allow you to engage in a personalized conversation with the prospect and make yourself present in their life.Some examples of how to practice this are: send thank you emails after someone has downloaded a content offer, find out what prospects have visited certain types of information and send them an email related to that (surprise them), invite them to events according to their interests , etc5. Rate your prospectsThe 68 successful salespeople% of claims that branding your prospects based on the content and showing interest is the most effective tactic to increase sales.With such a stat, it is definitely something to practice. However, only 21% of sellers do. Beat the competition! Start qualifying your prospects today and you will no longer waste time with prospects that are not a good fit for your company. So keep in mindA prospect is ideally qualified when he has the budget, is active in the purchase process, has a need that you can solve and fits the profile of the ideal client for your company.It is time to disqualify your prospects when they do not have a strong desire for change (if it is not motivated, it is not worth it) and when they continually postpone meetings (obviously this is a show of lack of interest)As you can see, the best strategies to convince your prospects are: create quality content that helps the prospect to progress in the buying process, this is achieved by creating content that answers their doubts and concernsIn addition, the content must be on social networks and there must be interaction of the company in the digital medium, in order to seek greater contact with the prospect. All this must go hand in hand with the qualification of the prospects, in order to be able to give them an ideal follow-up through personalized emailsIf you follow these steps, without a doubt, your generation of leads (and later, of customers) will increamonth by month.

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