Lead generation – 10 tips to improve lead management

Has your sales team ever contacted prospects who weren’t interested in your company? Has the sales team let go of good closing opportunities by following up on prospects who weren’t a good fit?We are currently in the digital age, an era where the role of the salesperson should not be directly focused on sales closings, nor should the role of the sales and marketing departments be isolated from each other. What does this mean? It means that company departments must work together to build lasting relationships with prospects, thus increasing the likelihood that they will become customers and then promoters of the company.Schedule a digital consultancy for your business hereKeep in mind that by having promoters of your company, the authority will grow until you have anexceptional reputation in your field and, today, this is exactly what clients are looking for, a company with authority (credibility) that, effectively, offer value and educational content before a sale. For this reason, currently, the companies that are educators are the most outstanding.For all this, the key to every successful salesperson is to know how to improve prospect management so as not to miss out on any good prospects and not waste time with those who are not a good fit. In such a way, to unify both the strategies of the marketing department with the sales department.So if the management of your prospects is not working as it should – or how you would like – you have come to the right place, then here are 10 tips to effectively improve the management / management of your prospects. If you are not putting any of these tips into practice, start incorporating them into your sales process and you will notice the difference! You will undoubtedly become a successful salesperson.1. Implement smarketingSmarketing is precisely the unification of sales and marketing and is essential for the perfect management of prospects. What I recommend is that both departments meet constantly (once a week) to ensure both teams are on the same page and have the same perspectives on lead generation.

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2. Qualify prospectsDo you know exactly which prospect is not a good fit for your company? For example, don’t you sell to agencies? Do you only sell to large companies? Don’t you sell outside the country?To know when to qualify and disqualify your prospects, you have to establish a uae cell phone  plan in which both departments are clear about who is the ideal client for the company and adhere to that profile.Thus, both the marketing and sales departments will know who to follow up and who not, and they will save a lot of time.3. Adjust forms to better qualify prospectsIt is important to create filters through forms on the landing pages, in this way it will be easier to obtain key information to be able to classify in which stage of the buying process ( Buyer’s Journey ) a prospect is.Do A / B tests on the forms and add or remove questions, in this way you can make sure you capture the information necessary to qualify the prospects, thus avoiding losing good closing opportunities in the process.However, keep in mind that these forms should be short and concise, because no one likes having to fill out a thousand questions to access content.4. Implement a campaign to convince prospectsIt is a fact, today we have to convince prospects, we are not in a constant battle of attention for nothing .For this reason, implementing a campaign to convince prospects is one of the best sales strategies today. Well, this way, it will be easier to convert them into customers, the purchase process will be unified with your sales process, and it will always make them ‘on the same page.’ What’s more, studies by Forrester show that running a good campaign to convert prospects into customers increases sales closings by 20%; And even the companies that take the best advantage of these campaigns generate 50% more sales with 33% less cost. Amazing, right? If you want to know more about how to implement a campaign to convert leads into customers, click here .

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5. Stay up-to-date with prospects’ UAE Phone Number List your prospects do should be recorded.Every time they enter your website, what pages they visit, what content they download … all possible interactions with your company or related topics, it is important to record it, as it will help you measure the interest they have in your company.When implementing smarketing, the marketing team can be based on this strategy to tell the sales team that indeed a prospect has an interest in establishing direct contact with the company (thus, avoiding cold sales and better opting for calls with context ).6. Follow up with prospectsMost salespeople are good at what they do. However, as every successful salesperson knows, the chances of a prospect actually answering the phone, answering your email, or making an appointment with your company are slim, regardless of your sales abilities.This is why the follow-up stage is so important. In this stage, your prospects will precisely be the center of the entire sales equation. The follow-up stage is not about selling and offering, but about helping your prospect find a solution to their problems / doubts. It consists of offering you educational content that gives you value and goes hand in hand throughout your purchase process ( Buyer’s Journey ). In this way, the content and conversations will go according to what your lead needs at all times.If you want to know more about how to carry out the lead tracking stage, click here .7. A good databaseIt is important that you keep your database up to date, because many times there are contacts that change their emails, phone numbers, addresses, work, etc. which is not at all convenient for the prospect-company relationship and – for your metrics either -So, show the marketing and sales team how to maintain a clean and up-to-date database, because then, only, they will accumulate valuable and important information to be able to personalize communication with prospects throughout the sales process, without having to misunderstandings. Can you imagine calling a contact and asking him how his work is going and, it turns out, he had resigned … points less in the relationship of trust, right?8. Personalize contact with prospectsAll contact with prospects must be personalized and must carry context. When talking to a prospect, try to strike up a friendly conversation – ask why they downloaded certain content, what interests they have, what they are trying to achieve, etc. – In this way you will be able to foster a trustworthy prospect-company relationship.This is ultimately what streamlines the sales process and increases the probability of sales closings.9. Evaluate the frequency and time of contactAre your prospects no longer subscribing? No longer answering calls? No longer opening emails? Just asyou can give prospects too little follow-up, so too can you give them too much. It is important to find a balance.Try to experiment with the frequency of communication and the time between each message, so that you know exactly what is the exact point where you do not forget them, or overwhelm them too much.10. Use metricsIt is important that you always verify and analyze the metrics obtained so that you see what works and what does not work with your prospects. It will also be very helpful to see who is interested and who is not, what content they like, what topics catch their attention, etc.All the metrics are essential to go, little by little, filling the expectations of the prospects and thus, become a company of reference and authority.

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